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A 360° innovation in hot water !

Elevator Pitch

In the Design and Innovative Technology field, TWIDO is a new electric water heater of unprecedented design. Conceived in France, it allows customer the unique possibility of reducing their energy consumption (water, electricity) while at the same time freeing up space and delivering the utmost comfort.

Reinventing interior space with careful design and ingenious versatility, Twido’s technology (fast-heating, volume control) optimises water and electricity consumption. You’re also set to gain almost 1 metre’s worth of space as opposed to traditional water heaters, which makes it the only water heater in the word that optimises your living space. It’s also extremely contemporary- part of a growing wave of advanced new home technologies. With any device (Smartphone, computer) it’s possible to adjust the amount of hot water needed for each room, to follow how much energy you’re consuming as well as tracking how much you’ve saved in water and electricity. Its stainless steel vats heated from the outside mean that any water scaling and other impurities will be things of the past, assuring an exceptionally long product life with a product guarantee of 15 years.

Integrated to a suspended or simply decorative WC mechanism, it’s also closer to the drawing zone which means you’ll get quick hot water (without waste).

As simple to install as a ready-made piece of furniture, it can combine perfectly with renovation projects.


Twido's innovations

Twido® originally came about in response to the generalised waste of water and electricity that we noted in traditional systems. A classic water heater keeps approximately 200 litres of water at 65°C, whatever the season. Most days only a third of this water is used, something that very few people know!

Because water consumption varies according to people's habits, the seasons and the number of people in a house, Twido® is an alternative to producing and storing too much hot water. This new generation water heater consists of several completely independent tanks which can be heated rapidly.

You can programme Twido® to heat from 1 to 4 tanks. Its ability to split the volume limits the static thermal loss and means you can save 30-40% of your electricity consumption.

The clever design and a reduction of more than 50% in water storage, thanks to the way it is controlled by the user and its rapid heating, make Twido® the only water heater that will give you an extra 1m2 of space in your home. What's more, Twido® can be installed as part of the mechanism of a suspended WC or a heated towel rail.

And, as it can be installed close to where the water is pumped, you no longer have that interminable wait for hot water under the shower, nor the wasted water that goes with it.

As well as the space gain there is Twido®'s simplicity of installation. Designed like a piece of furniture ready to install, it is great for restoration or renovation projects.

Twido® has also innovated by replacing the traditional immersion heating element with an external heating circuit. The increase in the exchange surface means there are no hot spots resulting from the difference in temperature between the water and the elements, which in turn create lime scale and lead to gradual loss in performance. In addition, this innovation completely eliminates galvanic corrosion which gradually damages the tank. It is because of this unique concept that Twido® can guarantee its tank for 15 years.

To reduce the user's environmental footprint and allow them to closely manage their consumption of water and electricity, Twido® decided to become part of the "Internet of Things". Using its home automation device and Wi-Fi connection it communicates with the client's space on www.mytwido.com.
Twido® can be programmed from a computer or smartphone. You can change the quantity of hot water that is available according to what you need, check what you have used and measure your savings in water and energy. There are other useful functions, such as a consumption simulator or email alerts if you use more than anticipated or if not enough is being produced, plus a monthly breakdown.

READY FOR "Smart Grids"
One of Twido®'s strong points is the fact that it is ready for future energy contracts and can join "smart grids" by automatically detecting signals that the energy operators send out.

Today, that means being able to detect off-peak electricity times, but in the future it could mean being able to respond to automatic demands for reduction in energy consumption, or to energy mix contracts.

Why we are ecofriendly

2&GO firmly believes in sustainable development, so Twido® is very different from traditional water heaters because its design does not include planned obsolescence. The materials are carefully chosen, there is no limescale formation and the risk of corrosion is almost non-existent, so Twido® lasts 2 or 3 times longer than a traditional heater, without any loss in performance.

To protect the environment even further, unlike other water heating systems Twido® is non-polluting. When it does finally stop working is it easy to take out and its components are reusable (stainless steel tanks, cover) or recyclable.

We believe in mankind and sustainable development and our objective is to enable consumers to understand the impact they have on hot water and energy consumption, and give them true freedom of choice, not just a huge quantity of water in a big tank which wastes energy every day - which for decades has been the only option.
They will be able to check their use, plan their needs (production of DHW) and understand what is at stake in terms of costs for water and energy, the savings they can make or the waste that can happen.
We have also developed technology which runs counter to programmed obsolescence and means that Twido® lasts much longer than traditional products (3 to 4 times as long). In such a big market there is a big impact on reprocessing, and also on recycling and rubbish issues.

Latest News

Business and communication :

Twido has contracted with VAN MARCKE (the most important distibutor in Belgium) a 5 years exclusive contract to developp and promote Twido in Belgium and Luxembourg

The EDF Pulse Awards 2015 finalists will soon be announced, Twido is still in the running for !


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