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SolarBrush - Cleaner Solar Energy

Elevator Pitch

We build an add-on for drones to clean solar power plants.
This is highly relevant in the Sunbelt countries around the world.
The drones clean the solar park, autonomously, at a fraction of today's cost,
whilst raising energy production by up to 30%.

Their manoeuvrability and cost benefit ratio is unmatched and therefore debunks most of the existing solutions. While competitors need to move their devices manually, ours cover the whole power plant.

Competing solutions potentially effect the surface as their mechanics applies force to the glass, e.g. through wheels or suction cups, whilst our solution only applies a gentle cleaning head to the solar panel.

We are first with this invention, worldwide, and filed an extensive set of patents.


Aerial Power Limited develops and manufactures a cleaning arm, called "Solarbrush", to be mounted below unmanned aerial vehicles, aka. drones or UAV's.

This solution is highly deployable as it weighs 2 kg in total and costs 3000 USD.
When cleaned four times a month, one single unit can clean a capacity of 2.5 MW,
leading to costs of 0,25 USD / kW.


Second, with our extensive set of patents we aim at licensing the technology into certain markets, creating a second revenue stream.

Why we are ecofriendly

Our business has the potential to help solar power in the breakthrough in many areas, worldwide: we lower cost for the maintenance by up to 40 % (even in comparison to countries with a low wage) whilst maintaining the solar power plant at 30% higher efficiency (in comparison when not cleaned).

In conclusion, more solar power plants will be built as they produce more power using our unique, patent pending technology.

Last but not least, we potentially safe tons of precious freshwater that gets wasted today: being cost efficient, we promote a high cleaning interval (e.g. weekly) in order to prevent the built-up of encrusted surfaces over regular intervals (e.g. monthly wet cleaning), enabling the drones to dry clean.

Latest News

Aerial Power presents its product "SolarBrush" at the APEC Asia Pacific Accelerator Summit in Taipei


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Start Up Chile



- energy suppliers
- service contractors
- governments


This is a brand new development, multiple awards have been won with a previous technology.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom





Contact Person

Ridha Azaiz



London, UK


solar energy, solar panels, UAV, drones, cleaning, maintenance