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BELECTRIC OPV - the Game Changer in Harvesting Energy Everywhere

Elevator Pitch

What kind of technology do we need to make use of PV everywhere? A black, heavy and rectangular product or something cool that adopts shape and look according to the needs? BELECTRIC OPV manufactures customized PV according to the customers’ ideas and perfect for integration in all different products you can think of. In doing so, we harmonize product and energy supply in order to make PV accepted in our everyday’s life. Check out the German Pavilion at the World’s EXPO 2015 in Milan and have a look at our Building Integrated PV (BIPV) system - the world’s first BIPV system that was driven by architectural integration and not what was available in the catalogue.


We do not have a catalogue. We very seldom deliver standard components. But we do offer fully customized PV modules and systems according to our clients’ needs. Different shapes, different colors and adjusted electrical characteristics in one side of the game. Additionally we are involved in integrating our products in our customers’ product, which is key to create integrated, multi-functional products. That can be a construction materials, like glass or façade plates for the building industry but also mobile applications to access power everywhere.

Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) enables modules that are:
- TRANSPARENT as transparent semiconductor is used
- FLEXIBLE as films are used as substrates
- DESIGNABLE as modules are printed using different colors
- INTEGRABLE in different carrier materials

Why we are ecofriendly

Our products produce renewable energy. Is this all? No, we manufacture a PV technology that has an “Energetic-Payback Time” of less than 2 months, without any issues in terms of toxicity, banned substances, rare earth content or similar. Recycling goes easy via standard plastic material flow. And further more: our production site is green! We use renewable energy power to produce renewable energies!

Latest News

So much to say... our latest News can always be found at www.solarte.de!
Further to that check out our installation at the German Pavilion at expo2015-germany.de/en/pavi... we are seen as the technology act by now, showing Germany’s competence in new technologies!
Further we have launched our customer interface “Design-2-Module” lately, allowing customers to inquire easily on customized OPV modules using some new piece of software we have developed.
And also our partners have own opinions about our work: See what Merck KGaA (www.merckgroup.com/en/media...); Lapp GmbH (www.solarserver.com/solar-m...), Carl Stahl GmbH (www.carlstahl-architektur.c...) and Heraeus (solarbusinesshub.com/2015/0...) think!


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Different markets, different segments. Especially in the BIPV market we have created strong relationships with major brands, some of which we are not allowed to disclose. But DAW SE, Bischoff Glass Technik Ag and Carl Stahl GmbH are open to be known. And - honestly - you would be surprised what other well-known customers we have additionally…


Runners up at the Green Tec Award 2014 in the category "Energy". Green Tec is the "Oscar" in terma of wawrds in the field of green Technologies.

Country of Origin



October 2012
Set up manufacturing 2013
Started production 2014


Ralph Paetzold - CEO

Hermann Issa, Director Business Development and Sales
Andreas Distler, Director R&D

Contact Person

Dr. Ralph Paetzold
+49 151 140 892 68


Landgrabenstrasse 94,
90443 Nuremberg,


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