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Intelligent Urban Mobility

Elevator Pitch

Bike Citizens offers individually optimized services and products for cities and urban cyclists. With our tools we want to make it easier for people to choose the bike as mobile device and as a result make cities more desirable and green. - Love your city, ride a bike.


The Bike Citizens portfolio is as manifold as the urban cycling culture itself:

The Bike Citizens Cycling App:
Our app shows you the best way through the city. It favors cycle paths and side streets and avoids busy main streets. The app utilises smart algorithms based on the know-how of bike couriers. It offers following features: Navigations, finding Points of Interest, voice guidance support, recording of activities, offline routing, sightseeing tours in your city. Get more infos on: www.bikecitizens.net/app/

Finn - the universal Smarpthone Mount:
With Finn you can safely and easily mount your smartphone to any handlebar. Thanks to its simple design and high quality silicone material, the mount withstands whatever you throw at it. Finn is made in Austria. getfinn.com/en/

Tools such as „5 Minutes by Bike“
The feature “5 Minutes by Bike” showcases how far you get by bike in a few minutes. You will be surprised – depending on the city you are able to cope the whole city in only 15 minutes. Check for yourself: map.bikecitizens.net/de-ber...

Why we are ecofriendly

Mobility is one of the most important sectors when talking about a green and sustainability future. Being eco-friendly does start with intelligent urban mobility that reduces CO2 and makes cities greener and more desirable. Most of the people are not aware yet how much money and time they could save by just using their bike. It is not only the fastest means of transportation for short distances it increases health, improves concentration and makes people more balanced. We are offering tools to showcase the positive effects of cycling and try to engage and motivate people to use their bike. Apart from that we are permanently participating in science projects e.g. to evaluate streets and crossovers to make cycling more comfortable in cities.

Latest News

Features: Our new tool 5 Minutes by Bike – Check it out www.bikecitizens.net/five-m...
Finn: www.heise.de/ct/ausgabe/201...
App: derstandard.at/200001337032...


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Version History

2015-04-27 08:14:51 - changed grantsraised to '€419891 for science projects from 2012 to 2014'

2015-04-27 08:14:40 - changed grantsraised to '€419891 for science projects'

2015-04-27 08:13:55 - changed revenues2014 to '€811040'

2015-04-27 08:13:39 - changed revenues2013 to '€425330'

2015-04-27 08:13:04 - changed grantsraised to '€238,528 for science projects'






Capital Raised

Company runs on equity capital - except for the crowd funding campaign which brought in 136.550 Euro (see Investors)

Grants Raised

€419891 for science projects from 2012 to 2014


Our team grew up to over 20 Bike Citizens by now who are working in different fields such as development, business development, online magazine and sales. The majority of the people is located in Graz, Austria. Since February 2015 there is also a subsidy in Berlin.


In 2014 about 160 Investor supported the company with 250 to 10.000 Euro in the course of a crowd funding campaign. The founders Daniel Kofler and Andreas Stückl were able to raise 136.550 Euro during the campaign on the Austrian Green Rocket Platform. The money was used to expand the app from 35 cities to over 100 cities.


We are selling our services and products to B2B, B2Gov and B2C. The Finn Smartphone Mount was sold over 225.000 times to cycling retailers, shops and customers all around the world. Apart from the cycling sector a lot of firms were interested in Branded Versions of Finn as Gadget for their customers or employees. In the Government sector we have co-operations with the City of Vienna, Bremen and Graz in order to provide the inhabitants their city in our app for free.


Eurobike Accessory Award 2014
Expobici Award 2014
ISPO Brandnew 2013 (Accessoire)
European Satelite Navigation Competiton 2012
(Winner Austria)
Apps for Amsterdam 2012 (Publicity)
Fast Forwards Award 2012 (Nominee)
Open Cities App Challenge 2012 (Honoral Mention)

Country of Origin



The company Bike Citizens (former BikeCityGuide) was founded in 2011 in Graz by the cycling couriers Daniel Kofler and Andreas Stückl. In February 2015 the company opened a second office in Berlin and employees over 20 people by now.




Elisabeth Gressl - Marketing Manager

Daniel Kofler - Founder & CEO
Andreas Stückl - Founder

Contact Person

Elisabeth Gressl


Graz - Austria


urban mobility, cycling, greener cities, smart mobility