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Cutting-edge phosphorus filtering and recovery

Elevator Pitch

Bioptech’s mission is to prevent eutrophication, ensuring access to clean water;
and to recycle phosphorus, thus securing food supply for a growing population.

These are urgent environmental problems that affect the whole world. Close to home 90% of the Baltic Sea is eutrophicated, affecting 75 Mn people in 1500 municipalities in the catchment area. At the same time, the EU has limited phosphorus reserves and imports 90% of its agricultural phosphorus. Recycling is imperative. Globally eutrophication is a significant problem and we are approaching peak phosphorus.

Every year, 36.000 tonnes of phosphorus flows into the Baltic Sea – HELCOM calculates that if we can halve this by 2020 we can reverse the negative pollution trend in the Baltic. If we can recycle the phosphorus run-off, we can reduce our dependency on imported phosphorus.

Using innovative filter bed technology, Bioptech can both treat and recycle nutrients in a cost effective and sustainable manner. Our technology can be applied to all causes and effects of phosphorus leakage: Waste water treatment; agricultural run-off; wetlands; animal farms; sea bed recovery; and others.


Our core products are reactive filter media such as Polonite, which is a treated natural mineral capable of removing 100% of phosphorus from wastewater streams while disinfecting the water of 99,9% of all bacteria. The phosphorus captured in spent Polonite can also be recycled to agriculture by simply spreading the used material on fields, making Polonite one of few solution that can both treat and recycle phosphorus without special, expensive pre-treatment.

Polonite is a best-in-test product, the fruit of 20 years R&D at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology. Polonite and our other filter media are cost-effective, flexible and modular thus allowing it be configured to suit different needs and environments. We have an established product line for Single Households, and are currently piloting solutions for Municipal and Agricultural pollution.

1. Small phosphorus filters (for Single Households) [product stage]
2. Onsite wastewater treatment plants (for Single Households) [product stage]
3. Large phosphorus filters (for municipalities, industry) [pilot stage]
4. Customised phosphorus filters (for agricultural run-off, animal farms) [pilot stage]

We have products or pilots addressing the top three sources of phosphorus pollution to the Baltic Sea:
Agricultural Run-off (52% *) [product 1 & 2] ;
Municipal Wastewater (21% *) [product 3]
Wastewater from Single Households (15% *) [product 4]

*Source: BCG: Restoring Waters in the Baltic Sea Region (2015), Helcom:Baltic Sea Pollution Load Compilation - PLC-5 (2011)

Why we are ecofriendly

In 2014, Phosphate rock was added to the EU list of 20 Critical Raw Materials as it has no substitute and is of high economic importance. Recycling of phosphorus is imperative to reduce reliance on this limited resource. Reducing phosphorus leakages to oceans and other water bodies is also important, to reduce eutrophicaition of the world’s seas.

The prevailing technology for phosphorus removal, chemical precipitation, increases chemical pollution, is complex and requires optimization and maintenance, allows for no recycling and corrodes infrastructure. Chemical precipitation works by precipitation the phosphorus as sludge, which has to be treated and transported, creating more pollution in the process. Competing technologies for P-removal are few and often have low technological maturity.

On the other hand, Bioptech proposes natural solutions which close the phosphorus cycle, solving two urgent, global environmental problems with one sustainable, natural solution. We have simple yet robust solutions that allow for recycling of recovered phosphorus. Our best-in-test, award-winning technology is the recognised choice for removal of phosphorus from wastewater. Beyond recovering and recycling phosphorus, Polonite also disinfects water, preventing the spread of disease and allowing the water to be recycled.

Latest News

Pilot agricultural application (Product 4)


Pilot large phosphorus filter for municipalities (Product 3)


Coverage of Awards won

Zennström Green Mentorship Award


Nordic Cleantech Open



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For 2014, we have secured €420.000 (4 Mn SEK) and are looking to raise an additional €1.15 Mn (11 Mn SEK)

Our current valuation is €4.25 Mn (40 Mn SEK)

Capital Raised

approx. €3 Mn

Grants Raised

approx €300.000




Bioptech AB is a public company. Our board is made up of five individuals passionate about saving the environment who bring great industrial and entrepreneurial experience to the table.


Products 1&2: To date, we have sold 4.000 units of small phosphorus filters and 100 on-site wastewater treatment plants. Our market for these products is mostly in Sweden.

Product 3: We have a pilot in Sweden and another pilot planned in the UK.

Product 4: We have pilots in Sweden and are planning a pilot in Russia, near St. Petersberg.


Zennström Green Mentorship Award
Top 4 companies, great eco-friendly ideas

Nordic Cleantech Open
Top 10 companies – In the running for Finals

The Serendipity Bee Summit
Top 5 companies that represent a good investment

Nordbyggs Guldmedalj 2015
Top 10 hottest products of the year

ACQUEAU !Eureka label for product development project
Related to Product 1 & 4

Request for Mentors

We are looking for passionate, motivated individuals, who can bring opportunities and open doors for Bioptech.

Specifically, we are looking for people with:
Industry knowledge and networks (wastewater treatment, water treatment);
Opinion makers;
Legislative movers and shakers;
Contacts with sources of financing for clean tech (institutional financing or others).

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Anders Norén - CEO
Gunno Renman - Research
Emilia Käck - Product Development
Charlotta Wennerström - Marcom
Lars Rundh - Sales Manager

Contact Person

Anders Norén - anders.noren@bioptech.se


Stockholm, Sweden


Phosphorus, Eutrophication, Recycling, Fertiliser, wastewater treatment, water treatment, Nutrient recovery, Natural, Baltic Sea,