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Box at Work

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Innovative smart storage solution and sustainable moving boxes

Elevator Pitch

Our company, boxatwork.com is an on-demand service for storage and moving boxes to help people in urban areas create space in their apartment while in the meantime help them moving without producing a CO2 footprint. By encouraging people not to buy their own cardboard boxes and eventually throwing them away after their move, we offer an easy service for renting shared and sustainable moving boxes. By using e-mobility, efficient routes and a closed cradle-to-cradle production cycle for moving and storage purposes, we will be part of a life quality-enhancing smart city.


Box at Work rents out reusable boxes (1 - 10000+) that are sturdy, stackable and can be sealed by tie wraps or locks. They get delivered to a requested address and will be picked up after the move.

We also offer a storage solution, making it easier for people to store their belongings in a flexible way. You can order the amount of barcoded storage boxes you need, they will be delivered to the requested address and after they are packed, they and other items to be stored will be picked up and brought to our secured ware house. The personal online account shows you an overview of what you store and lets you add pictures and information to every box. By clicking on "Send back" next to each item, everything you request will be redelivered within 24 hours.

The storage service considers itself as an solution to future city development: higher density, less space and a changing demography. With Box at Work you can store things and enjoy more space, without them getting out of reach. There is no need to keep care of transport and heavy lifting.

Why we are ecofriendly

By sharing and recycling our boxes, we actively reduce your CO2 footprint. Boxes will be used for 400 moves and will then be recycled to be reused in our service again. Through the pick-up and delivery service and the transport with the eco-friendly van that is choosing efficient routes, we support urban lifestyle with less personally owned cars on the street. We are also in the middle of planning a complete e-mobile fleet. For small moving boxes deliveries in the city center we cooperate with an e-bike startup. By providing huge amounts of our boxes, even big companies can move without wasting resources.

Latest News

1. 09.03.15 Article in Green Wiwo: green.wiwo.de/alternative-z...

2.We are now delivering boxes in Kreuzberg, Mitte, Neukölln &Schöneberg with electrical bikes zero CO2 emission from our new depot in Kreuzberg

3. We are now supported by Berlin Partner and are part of Berlin Smart City and will be presented at the Metropolitan Solutions 2015 as a smart logistic/storage partner, shaping the future of Berlin/Germany

4.. We are being implemented in the BrainBox from the TU Berlin, which measures and represents the impact of the created scenario in terms of energy efficiency and calculates carbon emissions as feedback information to optimize a modeled scenario.


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