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Breeze develops a cloud analytics platform for environmental data and offers low-cost air quality sensors for large-scale indoor and outdoor deployments – 1.000 X cheaper than industry standard solutions. The startup's smart algorithms suggest the most efficient and effective air quality improvement measures, connect customers to intervention partners if necessary and track the success of implemented and ongoing interventions for the two targeted customer segments smart buildings and smart cities.

Breeze has been funded through two EU startup innovation programs, as well as the Google DNI fund. The company has been recognized in multiple international competitions as one of the most promising European startups and is a member of Fraunhofer's Morgenstadt smart city innovation network.


Breeze’s proprietary Adaptive Cloud Calibration Engine (ACC) drastically increases low-cost air quality sensor reliability and accuracy. Using ACC, sensors 1.000 X cheaper than currently available professional monitoring equipment achieve a median deviation of only 10% compared to standard industry solutions.
Using machine learning and big data technologies, Breeze then provides recommendations to increase the livability of buildings, cities and communities.

Why we are ecofriendly

Just as mankind has a huge impact on our environment, the environment has a tremendous impact on our lives. Seven million people die every year due to air pollution (WHO); the productivity of white-collar workers decreases by up to 50% in offices with bad air quality (Harvard). Yet, you cannot manage what you cannot measure and cities and businesses have been relying on vague estimations and uncertain assumptions in the last decades.
Until now, there have been no solutions to effectively monitor air quality and offer tailored solutions to local challenges. Sensing devices have been too big, complex and expensive, decision-makers have been left alone with the data, which requires scientific knowledge to understand. Additionally, there has been no knowledge transfer process for successful interventions.

Breeze solves this problem by using the latest developments in sensor technology, bringing affordable, small and smart devices to our users. Breeze sensors are up to 50.000 times smaller and up to 500 times cheaper than traditional measurement devices.
Breeze offers a simple and easy-to-use UI. For businesses, we explain the effects of the current air quality situation, predict possible improvements using different tools and methods and also provide a marketplace with vendors offering air quality improvement solutions.
For cities, Breeze gives the planning and environmental departments access to holistic and high-resolution live data. Breeze also offers an standardized API and is integratable with standard industry solutions like building management systems and business intelligence software.

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EYA 2015 shortlisted, Microsoft Imagine Cup World Citizenship

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February 2015




Robert Heinecke - CEO

Sascha Kuntze - CTO
Jan Rübbelke - Head of Embedded Electronics
Haris Sefo - Head of Science

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Robert Heinecke


Hamburg, Germany


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