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Waste to taste never smelt so good!

Elevator Pitch

Bulldog Briquettes is currently in the early stages of developing the UK’s number one recognisable barbecue fuel brand. We create a charcoal replacing biomass briquette using the three waste streams of sawdust, waste paper, and used coffee grounds. This product is a low carbon solution to combat the environmental problems brought into fruition by large quantities of imported charcoal. Our product also helps to reduce both deforestation and the UK’s land fill as that is where the majority of the waste would end up if not use it in our briquettes.

To achieve our goals we employ an excellent team of staff many of whom have disabilities ranging from mental to sensory and as a result have struggled to find employment elsewhere. We are able to offer jobs to people so that they can support their families and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

We do this because we believe there is an urgent need to work differently, to reduce our waste whilst creating employment that makes our employees proud of the work that they do.


Made from three streams of waste material:

1. Confidential waste paper
2. Sawdust
3. Used coffee grounds.

Our product is both clean to handle, and extremely efficient to burn

Why we are ecofriendly

Over 90% of barbecue charcoal sold in the UK is imported; the carbon footprint of charcoal can be cut by up to 85% by burning locally manufactured products due to reducing the amount of fuel needed in transporting the goods. Our environmental impact is twofold as we create our briquettes from waste that would otherwise end up in land fill. We are therefore a low carbon solution that reduces the countries waste to land fill by a tonne for every tonne of product that we produce.


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Capital Raised

Regional Growth Fund - £78k grant funding.




Starbucks, Café Nero, Lou Lous. Fasset, Coffee No 1.

Country of Origin



June 2015 by Jason Bentley




Jason Bentley - Founder and CO

Tom Beattie - Marketing & IT development
Ian Reedy - FD

Contact Person

Jason Bentley: jason@tracouk.com


Unit 5 - Anson Road,
Fratton Industrial Estate,


Eco fuel, recycled asset company