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Competitive e-Mobility
less is more - more profit, more eco, more fun

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Adapitve City Mobility (ACM) is a partnership project between 4 awarded entrepreneurs of german midsize companies (BMZ Batterie-Montage-Zentrum GmbH, Roding-Automobile GmbH, Vispiron GmbH, Heinzmann GmbH & Co.Kg) and the Fraunhofer-ESK Institute. The project is financed from scratch with 10 Mio. € and supported by the German Ministry of Economics and Energy.

Competitive e-Mobiity for cities means that the system is more profitable and sustainable as existing gasoline ones. Therefore you have to reduce costs, increase turnover or both - we do both.

1. Light weight vehicle with max. speed of 80 km/h reduce costs up to 50%
2. Intelligent connected CITY eTAXI fleet increases efficiency

1. 24/7 = 3 shift usage through manuell battery swapping system (3-5 min "refill time").
2. Provisions through realtime efleet data (e.g. energy sales, billing, digital realtime advertisement).

1. Niche positioning in the L7E vehicle class where established OEM will not be active which offers an attractive world market within big cities.
2. Direct sales of CITY eTAXI systems into city networks creates a cost efficient sales channel.

Partners will produce the hard- and software. ACM with exclusive rights does the commercialisation of the CITY eTAXI system. Real time mobility data of efleets and customer datas will be an additional asset of ACM.


"less is more": Energy-efficient and lightweight eTaxi in Vehicle Class L7E

From our point of view a maximum speed of 80 km/h, seats for driver and 2 passengers and luggage room for 2-4 suitcases is enough for taxis in the city. It is a totally new eTaxi concept. Weighing only 550 kg it is energy efficient, resourceful and environmentally friendly, providing a lot of driving enjoyment for people and efficient goods transportation in the city.

Solution for the limited mileage through battery modules which can be changed
manually or automatically. Charging with cable is also possible. Thanks to the battery swapping system, eFleet operators are able to use the eTaxis around the clock. The battery swap takes around the same time as refueling a petrol car.

Networking all entities (eFleet, battery-changing stations, Smartphone users including
Backend) with real-time data transfer, makes it possible to intelligently and safely
control the eTaxis as an eFleet. Realtime data serves as a base for innovative business
models and digital advertising. An intelligently connected eFleet lends to a more efficient use of eTaxis and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Why we are ecofriendly

1. We offer the replacement for gasoline taxis in cities.
2. Furthermore mobility providers can store renewable energy in our battery swapping station and provide the CITY eTAXIS with 100% zero emission energy.

That´s e-mobility fully thought through to the end!

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