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Material Change For Good

Elevator Pitch

CelluComp uses a low energy and highly efficient process to extract nano cellulose from waste streams of root vegetables and produce Curran. CelluComp's ambition is to add Curran into products of many multi billion euros industries (coatings, composites, personal and home care, concrete, paper, drilling fluids...) to provide highly performance, economic and green solutions and to help create Material Change for Good.


Curran is produced as a gel, a powder, in sheets or in threads and can be easily added to other materials. Curran performs 2 primary functions: 1. mechanical enhancements, including stiffness, strength, crack resistance and light weight and 2. thickening (a massive business known as rheology modification). No other product brings both sets of functionality. And a plus...Curran is eco-friendly.

Why we are ecofriendly

CelluComp is eco-friendly because:
1. We use waste streams from the food industry so we do not compete for land for food crop
2. We have a low energy process to make our product
3. We use no toxic chemicals nor do we emit any toxic chemicals to make our product (especially when considering other competitors)
4. We do not need "pure" water to process our material so our water can be recycled and we can use rain water

Latest News

We are building our first commercial factory
We have been awarded with an Eco Innovation (EU) grant
We have just raised £2.4m


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2014-05-13 07:19:31 - changed awards to 'SMART, SPUR'

2014-05-13 07:18:20 - changed headquarter to 'Burntisland, Scotland'

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Scottish Enterprise
Discovery Investment Fund
Abundant Venture Partners
Other angel investors



Country of Origin

UK (Scotland)


in 2005 by Dr David Hepworth and Dr Eric Whale


Christian Kemp Griffin - CEO

Contact Person

Christian Kemp-Griffin


Burntisland, Scotland