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Reduce traffic and co2 - new technologies make it possible!


Elevator Pitch

About a third of the city traffic is only on parking. The unnecessary traffic causes considerable, additional environmental pollution by CO2, No2 and fine dust. In particular, the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is of great importance for the cities, as the EU imposes penalties for exceeding the limit values.
The patent-pending Cleverciti parking sensors are mounted or integrated at facades, masts or existing street lighting and analyze and measure parking spaces every 3 seconds. A single sensor can record up to 300 parking spaces. The exact GPS coordinates of the free or occupied parking spaces are forwarded by the sensors in real time to mobile terminals, navis or dynamic parking guidance systems. The city or the car park operators receive valuable data, not only about the occupancy status, but also about the utilization and paid use of the parking spaces.
Parking areas (also temporarily) or other critical road areas such as bicycle lanes, bus lanes and tram rails can be integrated into the monitoring.
For cities and parking operators using this technology, this means the reduction of traffic and thus reduced pollution.


Cleverciti Sensors is a disruptive technology which reliably and systemically gathers information on available and occupied parking spaces in real time.

Cleverciti Sensors can cover up to 300 spaces per single sensor
Cleverciti Sensors are easily mounted on façades, lamp posts or masts without requiring roadworks
Cleverciti Sensors are plug-and-play
Cleverciti Sensors are mobile and can easily be relocated
Cleverciti Sensors have a range of up to 400 m and up to 320 degrees
Cleverciti Sensors measure the exact GPS position and the size of the available spaces
Cleverciti Sensors are fully compliant with any privacy rights; no video streaming leaves the sensors; all image processing inside the sensor through high performance octa-core on-board computing power

Why we are ecofriendly

Mobility is the prerequisite for economic and social development: people and goods have to come from A to B. However, there is a considerable burden on the environment and on human health. Every car park search consumes unnecessarily a lot of time and money and therefore also energy and any parking search pollutes the environment with unnecessary 1.3 kilograms of CO2 emissions (Apcoa Parking Study). In the inner city, the search for parking places causes about one third of the traffic volume. Cleverciti Systems is a disruptive solution which combines IoT and big data expertize to revolutionize the management of on-street and open-air parkings.
Our mission is on the one hand to improve the standards of living of citizens by eliminating search traffic and reducing CO2 emissions. Our app provides a live overview of available and occupied parking spaces, and guides drivers directly to the nearest available space in the immediate vicinity.

Latest News

1. Cleverciti Systems is proud winner of the BPA (British Parking Association) "Innovation Trail" @Traffex/Parkex 2017 – awarded for the most cutting edge parking products, services and technology.
2. Cleverciti is happy to announce that we are the winner of the DIGITAL INNOVATION AWARD in Munich at the Digitale Welt Convention 2016! We beat companies like Allianz, Generali, German Telekom and other startups.


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Cleverciti is ECO17 Award Nominee.





German KFW Bank

Capital Raised

3,3 Mio

Grants Raised





KFW Bank


Cities of. Caloundra, Dubai, Cologne, Dublin, Fredriksberg, Kingston, Rotterdam, Vienna Airport, University of British Colombia, Audi

Enviromental Impact

Reduce parking search traffic and emissions by 30%

Economic Impact

Save energy costs by quickly finding a parking space.

Social Impact

Create a better quality of life for citizens and tourists.


Winner Digital Innovation Award DIGICON – Digital World Conference

Best Munich Startup

Winner Fast Mobility Category - Bits&Pretzels

Winner Innovation Award 'Deloite Fast 50‘ 

Finalist Energy Awards 2016

Finalist Best New Parking Product  Smart Mobility Gulf Traffic Award, Dubai

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Thomas Hohenacker, CEO

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Kirsten Klie, Marketing


81379 Munich / Germany


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