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DevicePilot is the missing piece of your IoT infrastructure.


Elevator Pitch

In a world where your devices can be unreliable, it is important to filter, rank and action problems according to their impact on the customers you serve.

DevicePilot is an application that sits in the cloud to give visibility, performance reporting and customer service analytics on your live IoT device estates whilst reducing operations costs through automation.


Integrating easily with your existing provisioning systems, DevicePilot gives you the competitive edge by allowing you to see your devices as your customers see them. This allows you to streamline operations and maintenance, and proactively address service problems, allowing you to delight your customers through the entire lifecycle of your devices. DevicePilot integrates easily with ex-isting service provisioning and management platforms.

Key features include:

* Dashboard – see Key Performance Indicators to see if you are hitting your Service Level Agreements. See live Red/Amber/Green status, performance over time, and devices split into categories such as type, customer, functionality, software etc.

* Locate – see your entire device estate in maps, lists, charts and other views to quickly answer questions like “Which are the devices with old firmware and where are they?” or “How many devices has customer X installed in the last month?”

* Powerful Search – define sets of devices that you care about using powerful SQL-like expressions. Identify e.g. devices with low batteries, or old firmware, or in Germany, or with customer X etc.

* Saved Search – once you’ve told DevicePilot what you’re interested in (e.g. your definition of what "working" is), you can save that for future use and share it with your colleagues.

* Multi-user model – each user can set up their own views of the device estate, yet share common data and searches with the rest of the company.

* OAuth2 - secure user access with no need to remember new passwords. No one has access to your data without your permission.

* Time series – explore and show how any properties of any device have changed over any time-period, with aggregation. That goes for derived properties too, so you can track e.g. reliability or connectivity over time.

* Mapping – map device location anywhere on the Earth’s surface, pan and zoom from global down to street level. Colour pins by properties (e.g. firmware revision). Show device density as a heatmap.

* Drill down – starting with an overview of all devices, quickly drill down to view details of individual devices.

* Monitoring – live notification of device problems, via Email, Slack or other integrations

* Lifecycle process management – define and automate device lifecycle processes, from installation to firmware upgrades to battery replacement, and monitor progress at a glance.

* No programming – the power of DevicePilot is available to everyone in your company with no programming required, eliminating the “programmer-in-the-loop” bottleneck.

* Intuitive User Interface – easy-to-use, modern web-based app you configure to suit your needs.


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2017-04-25 09:37:15 - changed awards to 'Best Software Product at ARM TechCon 2016 GrowthEnabler UK Top 20 IoT Startup 2017 '

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DevicePilot is ECO17 Award Nominee.





Recently completed fundraising for 2017

Capital Raised

2016 - £620,000
2017 - £512,000

Grants Raised





Investors include Wayra, Telefonica and Bonamy Grimes and Gareth Williams, Co-Founders of SkyScanner


Customers include Switchee and Doordeck. We are 'sector agnostic' and our open product works across all industries and applications.


Best Software Product at ARM TechCon 2016
GrowthEnabler UK Top 20 IoT Startup 2017

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Pilgrim Beart - CEO
Keith Reed - COO


14 Rosebery Avenue


Internet of Things, IoT, Software, SaaS, Connected Cities, Smart Homes, Energy, Startup, Process Automation, Lifecycle Process Management