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ENIT Systems

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Energy management for industry


Elevator Pitch

Wouldn't it be nice if you had all the data for your plant's energy consumption and supply at your fingertips in real time, so you could make informed decisions on how to make your processes more efficient and save significant amounts of money?

Enit Energy IT Systems offers customized energy management systems for medium-sized industries. The award honored Enit Agent©, is a monitoring and control system, which provides transparency and intelligent control of the electricity consumption for medium-sized industries.


The Enit Agent© is particularly interesting for industries with high energy consumption, such as plastic manufacturing or metal processing. “Our product acts as pulse meter. It visualizes all energy consumption data for each machine and meter. In addition to that customers gain a new understanding for the processes and their interdependencies,” says Hendrik Klosterkemper, who founded Enit Energy IT Systems with Simon Fey and Pascal Benoit.

The basis for any type of energy management is the availability of complete and consolidated data. To provide this in an industrial plant is a major challenge for all those involved (energy service providers, electricians, engineering officers and software providers). The main hurdles lie in the puzzle of patchwork components that do not cover all necessary steps. The planning and installation is an expensive and time-consuming process. It involves multiple devices as well as highly skilled electricians and programmers. This is aggravated by the incompatibility of different manufacturers, products and interfaces. To crown it all, the available devices are limited to single functionalities, making adaptations impossible.

Unmatched automation of all data acquisition steps:
After five years of internal development and investments of over €10m, Enit Systems, the latest spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, is bringing the ENIT Agent© to market. The ENIT Agent© provides an end-to-end solution to this complex puzzle. Unlike any other technology on the market, it is able to integrate and automate all necessary steps to provide the user with the right information. That includes read-out, collection, security safeguards, communication, formatting and visualization.

“Our customers include both industrial enterprises and the service providers that provide energy consulting and contracting services to them,” says Hendrik Klosterkemper, CEO of Enit Systems. “By drastically reducing the complexity, they can stop worrying about how to collect the data and save time and money.”

Why we are ecofriendly

“We enabled our first customers in the food industry, metal processing industry and earthworks to save 10,000 to 50,000 euros annually on their electricity costs and allowed them to use their resources more efficiently,” says Pascal Benoit, CTO of Enit Systems.

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Capital Raised

- first round > 1,0 Mio. closed

Grants Raised

- EXIST Transfer of Research (700k)
- ClimateKIC (100k)


14 + interns




Industrial consumers from metal, food, polymer processing and earthwork industries.


- "NEA - Next Economy Award" Top 3 finalist 2015
- "ICT – Innovation” (BMWi) 2015
- "Freiburger Innovationspreis" 2015
- “Startinsland Ideen Wettbewerb Südwest" 2014

Country of Origin



ENIT was founded in 09-2014 by six shareholders of the department »Smart Grid« from Fraunhofer ISE:

- Prof. Dr. C. Wittwer, Dr. R. Kohrs, S. Feuerhahn and Pascal Benoit, Simon Fey and Hendrik Klosterkemper


Hendrik Klosterkemper - CEO
Kai Klapdor - CFO (unconfirmed)

Pascal Benoit - CTO

Contact Person

Kai Klapdor (CFO)


Güterhallenstraße 4
79106 Freiburg


Energy Efficiency
Smart Grid
Platform as a service
Dezentralized energy production
Sourcing flexibility at industrial consumers