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Easy Smart Grid

Early Stage Startup


Smart Grid, Demand Side Mgt, Mini-Grid, Robust, Flexible, Distributed

Elevator Pitch

A new profitable market is emerging for renewable energy with a very attractive profitability: the diesel substitution market where renewable energy is already cheaper than the fossil alternative. More than 50 GW of diesel electricity could be today addressed according to SMA/EPIA.
Mainly structured through mini-grid, energy projects in this market are facing high challenges to secure the energy supply and the grid stability while remaining economically attractive. The storage and control capacity require high upfront investments while a global demand side management approach could avoid part of these expensive infrastructure.
Easy Smart Grid GmbH is developing technology that implements a Smart Market Design providing price signals coded by the grid frequency. It gives all grid participants simple means and fair incentives to offer their flexibility and to enhance grids ability to absorb fluctuations. It reduces the complexity and the investment in ITC system by using basic physic phenomenon (frequency), hence contributing to the grid robustness. Last but not least, it lead to a global energy cost reduction with a higher integration of cheap renewable energy in the system plus a financial reward for flexibility participants.


Our business model is based on license fees (long term), service (project development) and SmaCo product (Hardware/Software) income (short term).
License fees: IP right have been registered and priority can be utilized until 2015. A license agreement for the right to use Easy Smart Grid IP and technology is the basis for a payment of (e.g.) 1% of energy traded on the respective grid. Household consumer equipment can provide flexibility, and this functionality will be integrated with a granted license from Easy Smart Grid.
Hardware/Software: SmaCo is an abbreviation of “Smart Control” and describes products converting an existing grid to an Easy Smart Grid. SmaCo can be applied to distributed components (flexibility providers) and ESG energy meters to invoice energy according to ESG tariffs. Ideal applications of SmaCo are water treatment/pumping plants, heat and cold generation, multi-source energy controllers and battery storage units.
Project Development: We accelerate market development in the early phase through collaboration with institutions and RE actors enabling players in emerging RE markets to implement technically and economically optimized solutions. We consider it as a sales support activity to develop acceptance for Easy Smart Grid.

Why we are ecofriendly

Implementing Renewable Energy in diesel substitution market acts directly for climate change mitigation since every liter of diesel saved avoids 2.65 kg of CO2 in the atmosphere. Furthermore, every island is concerned by diesel substitution (where most of the electricity is supplied by diesel generators) as well as by the climate change threat. For example, the Maldives Government (100% diesel supplied) holds Parliament 20 feet under the see in 2009 in order to draw the attention of the world leaders to global warming issues.

Latest News

Dr. Walter has recently published an article in the VDE-ETG journal “Re-thinking Smart Grid”
(Jan 2014) and has presented Easy Smart Grid in the following conferences:
• „Energy meets Economy“ at DPG Conference 2014, Dresden, 02/04/14
• Workshop „Adaptation Services for the Energy Sector“ - eit Climate-KIC, Berlin, 11/02/14
• Presentation to two specialist groups of VDE ETG : V2: „Transmission and distribution of electrical energy“, Frankfurt, 15/11/13 and GANN “basic design of future grids”, Frankfurt 15/01/14
• International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES), Berlin, 20/11/2013
• IEA PVPS Task 1 & EPIA Workshop at 28th EU PVSEC , Paris, 30/09/13
We are collaborating in a research project with Max Planck Institute/Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.


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Easy Smart Grid is looking for investors willing to invest in a future oriented company proposing a simple product in a complex energy market.
An attractive profitability is expected since Easy Smart Grid technology mobilizes substantial savings in a very large market (>50 GW of diesel electricity could be addressed according to SMA/EPIA). This return on investment is adequate to the risk and time typical for the electricity supply environment. The concept and core team are flexible enough to focus the business model according to the specific added value (regional, customer access, know how) of strategic or financial investors.


The targeted customers for the electricity transaction tax are the grid operators (private or public) who are willing
• to enhance their revenue by integration of more cheap renewable energy,
• to integrate energy supply from their clients
• to minimize smart grid investment in ICT and storage
• to secure energy supply while reducing dependency on fossils

As a sale strategy, we believe that the access to these clients will be enhanced through multipliers who will benefit from Easy Smart Grid.
- Flexibility Providers: Desalination plant suppliers, water pump, air-conditioning,…
- Energy suppliers: renewable energy manufacturers, project developers,…
- Storage Company looking for the right cost allocation: lithium battery suppliers, power storage offering short term stability but not long-term storage…
- Institutions willing to work on climate change mitigation and to reduce the global energy cost
- Prosumers (e.g. private industry) with an existing private mini-grid in remote area willing to expand its grid to the communities around with the adequate business model.

Country of Origin



Easy Smart Grid GmbH is newly created since May 2014. For the last two years, Easy Smart Grid was developed and promoted by Dr. Walter while he was Managing Director of WIRSOL Integrated PV Solutions, developing the diesel substitution business of the solar energy company WIRSOL.


Marie Berger - Marketing and Finance Director

Dr. Thomas Walter - Managing Director

Contact Person

Marie Berger : marie.berger@easysg.de / +49 157 37 03 80 68
Dr. Thomas Walter : thomas.walter@easysg.de / +49 171 22 94 629


Karlsruhe, Germany (Dessauer str. 15, 76139 Karlsruhe, Germany)


Smart Grid, Market Design, Renewable Energy, Integration, Mini-grid, Diesel substitution, Demand Side Management, Price signals, Flexibility, Robustness