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Efficax Energy

Early Stage Startup


Providing the World's smartest Solar thermal system

Elevator Pitch

We have developed the world's smartest Solar thermal system, reducing the investment cost of 30-40% compared to traditional solutions. The system has slightly higher efficiency to a much lower cost. The system is based on retrofitting a single-family house's existing heating equipment to Solar thermal. Key enabling technology is a new patent-pending 5-way valve.

The vision is to make solar energy affordable for all. In some markets, solar energy have exploded due to subsidies. In the majority of markets, it is however still to expensive to gain major market traction. We lower the investment cost and the barrier to invest.

Awards: Zennström Green Mentorship Award (final), 'Entrepreneur of the Future', Venture Cup etc.

European market consists of 4.7 million households, corresponding to €2.2 Billion in potential market. USA: 6.2 million households. The Business Model is based on licensing partners with strong market presence on their respective markets. We are in negotiations with NIBE, which is one of Europes largest actors on the heating market, for a manufacturing and distribution license.


SolarFlex is the name of the "junction-box" making it possible to connect Solar thermal panels to an existing hot water boiler in an efficient manner.

SolarFlex connects to an existing hot water boiler and to the solar thermal panels. The technology is unique and patent-pending. The picture below show a pilot installation.

Why we are ecofriendly

We are lowering the cost of installing Solar energy and makes is profitable for every-day people. We are making it easy to produce your own energy directly from the sun!

Latest News

Proof-of-concept projects are sold and installed.
Financing round fall of 2014.


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Founders & Management
Friends & Family
Sustainable Energy Angels AB
LU Innovation AB
Independent Angels


Pilot customers:
Private persons
Cramo (largest construction equipment rental company in Sweden).
Actors with existing sales and distribution channels. E.g. NIBE.


Zennström Green Mentorship Award (finalist)
'Entrepreneur of the Future' (finalist)
Venture Cup energy prize
Google business plan competition.

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Erik Andersson - CEO (unconfirmed)

Contact Person

Erik Andersson, CEO


Lund, Sweden


energy, energy efficiency, cleantech, greentech, solar energy, solar thermal, renewable energy