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Expanding existing data centers is a headache for organizations today: Available space, cost of cooling to meet new technology requirements, difficultly in recruiting IT personnel, limitations in power distribution and in many cases, pollutant power sources, can make this a very challenging and complex process. In addition to this, some EU countries will soon demand CO2 taxes as well, adding to the complexity and cost level for organizations.

Fjord IT offers a solution to this problem: Green Infrastructure as a Service. Our wholesale service enables customers to be eco-friendly and at the same time be safe, secure and cost efficient.


Private Virtual Data Center services - Green Data Power

Why we are ecofriendly

The worlds data centers use around 1.5% of world electricity, which translates to a lot of CO2 pollution. Fjord IT's data centers are located in Norway and is powered by clean hydropower and reachable from anywhere around the world. Our services allows companies to expand IT services to a sustainable solution.


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Jan Robert Johnsen - Community Manager (unconfirmed)
Monica Haltvik - Head of strategy and sustainability (unconfirmed)

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Helge Gallefoss


Oslo, Norway


IT, data, services, virtualization, IaaS