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Electric lifestyle scooters, Made in Europe, "Born in Bavaria".

Elevator Pitch

GOVECS was founded with the objective to provide clean, efficient, reliable and affordable transportation on the leading edge of technology for electrical mobility. Top engineers and designers are working on the development of electric vehicles that combine style and True Electric Mobility.

The result of these endeavours is GOVECS’s portfolio: zero-emission vehicles - no fossil fuels, no oil and no compromise. All vehicles incorporate the advantages of electric mobility: They are silent, clean, highly efficient, economical and can be charged at any household socket. Due to clever engineering all GOVECS machines stand out with smooth handling and incredible performance.

Constantly increasing petrol prices, problems of global warming, increasing congestion in urban centres on the one hand, and the urgent need for individual traffic concepts while a growing number of areas restrict the use of polluting vehicles on the other hand call for a smart solution. At GOVECS we have developed a solution which allows a foresight in a better tomorrow already today.


GOVECS products are different, different with respect to both, their European design/source and their main technical attribute: the drive train. We are using highly efficient and sophisticated permanent magnetic alternating currency (PMAC) motors with a low-maintenance belt drive, which makes the machines much lighter. The frame is designed exclusively for the use and purpose of electric vehicles, by means of which the centre of gravity is extremely low, thus leading to great manoeuvrability.

The GOVECS portfolio features:
- As well as a sportive, lifestyle product: the GO! S series
- A transport solution developed for cargo needs: the GO! T series

GO! S1.2:
High-quality scooter in the “50cc” compatible class offers great manoeuvrability, a good range and amazing performance.

GO! S1.4:
Its changeable lithium battery, with a weight of only 15 kg, and the onboard and optional offboard charging possibility allows total flexibility.

GO! S2.4:
It is the high-performance scooter with lithium technology. Amazingly, it is still in the “50cc” comparable class.

GO! S3.4:
First GOVECS machine competing in the “125cc” class. With the incredible torque of 114 Nm and the lightweight lithium polymer batteries the GO! S3.4 sets standards in performance.

GO! T series:
Electric scooters are especially suited to the commercial sector due to their low maintenance costs. With the GO! Tseries, companies can choose between scooters of all battery and capacity types, depending on their intended application. High-quality material processing and a sophisticated battery system provide durable, sustainable and energy-saving use in the daily business process.
Another plus is the flexible mounting of the cargo box. Any OEM cargo box can be fitted.

Why we are ecofriendly

Our goal at GOVECS is to offer the general public an alternative form of transportation that will rival any petrol-driven two wheeler. This intention is stringently pursued in the product development of GOVECS.
We produce and sell vehicles which are fun, promote an eco-friendly life style and incorporate True Electric Mobility. GOVECS products are environmentally friendly and engineered for top-end performance, range, and reliability.
Summarised, transforming transportation and at the same time decreasing pollution through True Electric Mobility vehicles.

Latest News

Yet Again GOVECS Scoops "European e-Scooter of the Year" Award:
Flawless hat-trick, GOVECS won the "European e-Scooter of the Year" Award third time in a row. With its new designed GO! S series from 2013 and the approved and further developed GO! T series, the company asserted itself in the most popular category in the Netherlands, the under 25 kph category, against famouscompetitors. The GO! S1.4 won this very important category. In the highly competitive 45 kph category GOVECS was in top three with two models. The scooters impressed the judges mostly by high quality of the products, high performance and usability. Especially the model GO! S1.4 impressed with its changeable battery pack which allows total charging flexibility nearly everywhere.

GOVECS introduces new design and technical improvements for GOVECS GO! S model program 2013:
GOVECS launches a new design for the model year 2013 program. Besides a new design, numerous technological improvements have been adopted to increase performance, versatility and durability. With brand messages like ‘Dynamic, Urban, Electric’ the GO! S series models pronounce the new GOVECS brand values. The new ‘Colour & Trim’ is a visual confirmation of the continuous development of the European designed, developed and produced electric scooters. Next to the external modifications important improvements also found their way beneath the GOVECS body shell, amongst others for further improving the handling characteristics. The new model range is available in Europe as of now through the official GOVECS distributors.


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Gimv, BayBG Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft, KfW, Polish-German-Canadian investment group, private partners, founders


eCarTech Award 2011 and 2012 (Bavarian State Award for electric mobility)
eScooter of the year Award 2011, 2012 und 2013

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