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Green City Solutions

Early Stage Startup


Green City Solutions makes clean urban air profitable!


Elevator Pitch

Green City Solutions addresses the global problem of air pollution by combining a special, vertical installed moss culture with Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology. The product, called the “CityTree”, combines specific plants that eat particulate matter (PM), nitrogen dioxide and ozone – offsetting 240t of CO2e/year in total. The plant filter has the same effect as 275 urban trees, but requires 99% less space. The construction contains sensors collecting environmental and climatic data, to regulate and control the unit and ensure that the plants survive. Thanks to solar panels and rain water retention systems, the unit requires only a few hours of maintenance per year. By using technologies like WiFi, iBeacon, NFC and digital screens, CityTrees can also transmit digital and visual information.


The CityTree consists of a support system designed for living plants to enable them to grow horizontally in a vertical arrangement. Up to 1.682 plants in single pots with precisely selectable characteristics like the best fine dust filtration or food production capabilities are mounted to the CityTree. Many of those plants naturally can’t be found in the common city environment, because the range of tolerance for an ideal plant growth can’t be guaranteed. This is the reason why the CityTree adds technological support. An automated irrigation- and nutrition-system on the inside of the construction supported by sensors gathering data of climatic conditions and the plants, guarantees the proper wellbeing of those. This results in an optimal growth with minimal maintenance. The implementation of different contrasts or colors through plants enable the CityTree to display visual information. Company logos, coat of arms and letters can be visualized and thus create a unique form of advertisement. A QR-Code or the use of modern technologies like iBeacon or Augmented Reality can even create a bridge to the digital world. The light and sophisticated design ensures a perfect integration into the existing cityscape and with the small footprint the CityTree can be placed almost anywhere.

Why we are ecofriendly

Due to the combination of plants and mosses, technology and the vertical permeable construction as well as the specific planning with parametric product design, algorithmic mapping system and one CityTree can filter up to 300g of fine dust out of the atmosphere. A single CityTree binds an equivalent of 24 tons of CO2 due to the binding potential of soot which has a high GWP (Global Warming Potential). According to our calculations and simulations a climate infrastructure consisting of 116 CityTree for an area of 40km², the size of Bezirk Mitte in Berlin, can permanently reduce the fine dust pollution and keep it under the health threatening limit of 40μg/m³. Every reduction of 10μg/m³ results in a preservation of 6 months of the human life span.

Latest News

Since the beginning of our venture we have implemented our product in several European cities with current installations in Oslo (Norway), Paris (France), Berlin, Dresden, Hannover (all Germany) and Hong Kong. Our product was also able to be temporarily deployed for a number of conferences, fairs and campaigns in Munich, Berlin, Krefeld, Regensburg, Hannover, Halle, Dresden and Jena through its mobile and freestanding design.


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Green City Solutions is ECO17 Award Nominee.




Capital Raised

Seven-digit first roud financing

Grants Raised





The Biotech and Internet-of-Things (IoT) Start-up Green City Solutions GmbH successfully completed its first round financing with LITTLEROCK GmbH (Düsseldorf), coparion GmbH & Co. KG (Köln, Berlin) as well as DON Ventures II GmbH & Co. KG (WOLFMAN.ONE GmbH / Prof. Nietzer, Dr. Doll Holding GmbH; Heilbronn) and one smart money investor not mentioned by name.


B-2-B: first customer - AOK (German health insurance)
B-2-Governments: Environmental Authority of Oslo
(2 CityTrees for the Norwegian Capital)
B-2-B: Cisco Systems (Paris)
B-2-B: DRESDEN Concept e.V. (Dresden)
B-2-B: JOS (Hong Kong)
B-2-B: Deutsche Bahn (Berlin)
B-2-B: enercity (Hannover)
B-2-G: Regensburg
B-2-G: Krefeld
B-2-B: Macedonia (Skopje/Tetovo)

Enviromental Impact

The CityTree combines specific plants that eat particulate matter (PM), nitrogen dioxide and ozone – offsetting 240t of CO2e/year in total. The plant filter has the same effect as up to 275 urban trees, but requires 99% less space.

Economic Impact

To ensure its profitability, implementation of visual and digital information on the vertical plant display for marketing campaigns is possible. Analogue information can be displayed as simple writing or logo, but also with the help of plants in a variety of different colors. Our system enables access to digital content by implementing technologies such as a QR-Code, iBeacon, NFC or digital screens. This makes it possible to use the CityTree for out of home media advertising as well as mobile commerce purposes. Integrated benches and the offer of additional services, such as Wi-Fi hotspot or e-bike charging stations extend the functionality of the CityTree.


50 ‘Top Start-ups 2016’ Germany (Rank 5),
Chivas The Venture 2016 (Top 3),
iiAwards 2016 (Winner),
EIT Digital Challenge 2016 (Winner Category ‘Digital Cities’),
Smogathon 2016 (National Winner),
Creative Business Cup 2016 “The world’s best creative startup” (Winner),
Creative Business Cup 2016 (Winner “Sustainable Living Challenge”),
Creative Business Cup 2016 (Winner “Health Challenge”),
Creative Business Cup 2016 (Winner “Microsoft Bizspark Plus”),
Green Buddy Award 2016 (Winner Category ‘Smart City Solutions’),
Green City Solutions | EUREF-Campus 7-8 | 10829 Berlin
T: +49 (0)30 22 066 273 0 | M: +49 162 6940746 | Mail: info@mygcs.de | Web: www.getacitytree.com
Next Economy Award 2016 (Top 3 Category ‘Nature’),
Green Alley Award 2016 (Winner),
Hello Tomorrow Challenge Global Summit 2016 (Finalist Category ‘Air Quality’),
‘Neumacher’-Wettbewerb der WirtschaftsWoche 2016 (Top 6),
IET Innovation Awards 2016 (Top 5 category ‘Start-up’),
Start Green Award 2016 (Semi-Finalist Category ‘Start-up’),
seif Awards for Social Entrepreneurship 2016 (Winner ‘seif Award for Future Trends’),
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2016 (2nd Price),
Sächsischer Staatspreis für Design 2016 (Nominee ‘Social Design‘),
Creative Business Cup 2016 (National Winner),
TechCrunch Berlin Meetup + Pitch-off at Tech Open Air 2016 (Winner),
Plus X Award ‘Young Innovator’ 2016 (Winner),
Best Bio-Based Business Concept Award 2016 (Winner),
Challenge Cup 2016 (Winner),
Smart City Forum (Member),
Deutscher Engagementpreis 2016 (Nominee),
’Grüne Brise’ environmental award (Nominee),
Deutsche Bahn Accelerator Batch #3 (Member),
Industriepreis: BEST OF 2016 (Category ‘Energy & Environment’),
Smart Urban Pioneers (Top 10 Nominee),
50 ‘Top Start-ups 2015’ Germany (Rank 14),
blueprint Swire Properties Accelerator 2016 (Member),
Forbes '30 Under 30 Europe' list (Category 'Social Entrepreneurs': Dénes Honus),
BITKOM hub conference Innovator’s Pitch, Category IoT 2015 (1st Prize),
Innovation Grand Challenge 2015 (2nd Prize),
'Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland' 2015,
Fraunhofer Urban Futures Conference (Winner Call For Ideas) 2015,
Nationwide Winner Category Environment in the 'Land of Ideas' 2015,
Infiniti Accelerator driven by NEST 2015 (Member),
European Youth Award 2015 (Winner 'Go Green'),
Landmark in the Land of Ideas '15
Thüringer Elevator Pitch '15 (winner)
Ecosummit Award '15 (nominee)
GreenTec Awards '15 (Top 10)
Generation-D '14 (1st Place)
Climate-KIC Venture Competition Europe '14 (finalist)
Climate-KIC Venture Competition Germany '14 (2nd Place)
Climate-KIC Accelerator '14 + '15 (member)
Green Product Award '13/14 (nominee)
Avalia-Gründerlounge '13 (1st Place)

Country of Origin



25. March 2014




Dénes Honus - CEO
Victor Splittgerber - CTO
Peter Sänger - COO
Zhengliang Wu - CIO

Contact Person

Dénes Honus
+49 30 220662730


Green City Solutions GmbH
EUREF-Campus 7-8
10829 Berlin


Climate protection, vertical plant wall, sustainable, ecofriendly, authentic, measurable, customizable, outstanding, Biotech, IoT