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GreenCom Networks

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Share Energy Economy Platform


Elevator Pitch

Renewable energy sources and digitalization will significantly transform the energy industry. Like in telcos, utilities will have to become service providers for energy customers. Like in telcos, the value generation shifts from infrastructure towards services and digitalization will drive down entry barriers for new players.
GreenCom’s mission is to enable business models for next generation utilities and service providers. Our Energy Information Brokerage Platform is the leading Energy IoT platform and supports to implement share economy approaches to connect energy customers and relevant distributed assets with each other for exchanging energy.
We enable innovative utilities and service providers to drive the industry towards distributed business models that are based on services instead of selling kilowatthours. Our Energy IoT platform integrates all sorts of distributed generation, controllable consumption and storage technologies and manages them in an optimized way through embedded self-learning algorithms.
Utilities of the future are customer and service-oriented, asset-light and digital. And GreenCom is the "digital" piece of it.In order to demonstrate the power of new services, we jointly invested into the creation of a next generation utility: BEEGY...Better Energy, a joint venture of MVV Energie, BayWa r.e., Glen Dimplex and GreenCom Networks


Our Energy Information Brokerage Platform (EIBP) is an Energy IoT platform based on highly scalable technology components used by social media companies like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and others to process up to 80bn messages per day. It is adjusted to the needs of managing time series data for the energy industry. The EIBP allows the integration of distributed generation, controllable consuming and storage devices incl. electric vehicles. It processes data in close to realtime and generates forecasts of device behaviours through self-learning algorithms and external data feeds. Based on external market data (e.g. wholesale prices), it generates optimized usage schedules for connected devices within our Virtual Power Plant application. Our customer application suite allows utilities to offer services towards its customer base around energy management and the creation of virtual energy communities. Our service applications are derived from the telco industry and support the management of large numbers of devices in large-scale rollout scenarios.

Why we are ecofriendly

Our technology enables better usage of sustainable energy resources

Latest News

- GreenCom's technology enabling energy communities in the Living Lab Walldorf project: living-lab-walldorf.de/
- GreenCom enabled BEEGY to offer power flat-rates based on solar PV and battery storage within its BEEGY Energy Community: www.beegy.com/produkte/beeg...
- GreenCom's technology enabling smart management of electrical heating devices in European-wide project: www.realvalueproject.com/
- GreenCom Networks nominated as Global Cleantech 100 under the radar list www.cleantech.com/indexes/g...


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€5m to be raised

Capital Raised

€2.8m raised so far (Family&Friedns + Series A round)




Team + Family&Friends
Munich Venture Partners


City Power Johannesburg, BEEGY, MVV Energie, EDP, ESB, Entega, Stadtwerke Stuttgart, Stadtwerke Kiel, Stadtwerke Leipzig

Enviromental Impact

Our solutions support energy efficiency, intelligent energy management and better integration of distributed generation and storage

Economic Impact

Our solution helps to reduce long-term energy and environmental cost by maximizing the utilization of renewable and distributed sources

Social Impact

Our solution makes sustainable energy more affordable by intelligently managing sustainable energy flows. Our platform enables a share economy approach for the energy industry and therefore empowers people to take control over their energy consumption and production


CleanEquity Monaco Award 2013

Country of Origin



January 2011


Christian Feisst - Chief Executive Officer

Peter Müller-Brühl - Chief Operating Officer
Frank Robert - Chief Financial Officer
Olivier Brie - EVP Product Management

Contact Person

Christian Feisst


Headquarter in Munich, Germany
Development Center in Sophia Antipolis, France


Energy Management
Distributed Generation
Electric Vehicles
Heat Pumps
Storage Heating