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Hawa Dawa

Early Stage Startup


The future of air quality monitoring.

Elevator Pitch

Air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk of our time. More than 90% of all cities with more than 100 000 inhabitants do not uphold WHO air quality guidelines, causing millions of premature deaths every year. Fixing this problem requires a vast amount of air quality data, which traditional solutions cannot yield.

Hawa Dawa developed a new bottom-up air quality monitoring technique that provides remote, real-time & in-situ air quality data anywhere & anytime. Risk-groups, such as Asthmatics, COPD patients, children and pregnant women can finally control their air pollution exposure, thus greatly improving their quality of life and saving up to 50% of their health-care expenditures, while policy makers can make impactful and informed decisions to improve urban air quality. At the heart of our solution lays our CE-certified sensor node, which has been endorsed by top industry scientists as being both accurate and state-of-the-art. Combined with artificial intelligence, it is able to detect air pollutant trends and concentrations in an accuracy superior to any comparable solutions.

Hawa Dawa's data scientists, with a professional focus on data-driven healthcare, combine measured data with external factors such as traffic dynamics and wind patterns to produce a real-time insightful heat map of air quality. Thus, for a fraction of traditional costs, entire cities can be covered in air quality heat-maps. With a unique network of high-level policy makes and experts spanning Europe, Latin America & the MENA region, Hawa Dawa aims to change the way we see our cities worldwide.


At the heart of this monitoring system lays a small low-cost node. It is CE-certified and ready-to-manufacture (RTM). The Hawa Dawa Node is a complete consumer device used for the measurement of air pollution. The device can be controlled by a mobile smartphone app over a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection and can access WLAN networks for regular transmission of data to a server. There, the values can be corrected according to calibration parameters unique to the device. The affordable node can be used either individually or as part of a larger sensor network. Each node measures particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxide (NO2), Ozone (O3) and carbon monoxide (CO).

Hawa Dawa utilizes state-of-the-art calibration methods for its sensor nodes and thus,
using complex algorithms, can train each node to systematically reach accuracy levels comparable with bulky and expensive city stations.

Why we are ecofriendly

We make air quality directly visible. Instead of determining the impacts of human actions decades after they occur in the atmosphere, our solution makes the adverse effects of air pollution measurable and viewable locally in real-time. By enabling businesses and cities in integrating air quality data into their products and services to protect the health of their customers, Hawa Dawa manages to address a longstanding challenge: the internalisation of external costs in the decision-making process.

It is the first stepping stone towards a 100% pollution-free world. The ecological logic can only triumph over the economic one, if the true costs of everyday human activities become evident. So far the costs are shifted onto the health and the environment of our urban life. 1.6$ trillion are lost in Europe alone according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Therefore, we envision a future where humans increasingly pay attention to their environment. Where nuisance variables, such as air pollution, are accounted for and listened to. For the costs are real and measurable and they will, sooner or later need to be accounted for. By making air quality data mainstream, we push for a smooth transition towards a cleaner future.

Latest News


Hawa Dawa is being mentored by the very inventors of modern day gas sensors at Siemens Coporate Technology, by the Chair of Environmental Sensing and Modeling at the TU Munich and by the Head of Digital Health at MunichRE.

Hawa Dawa means "Air medicine/ purity" in more than seven languages, highlighting Hawa Dawa's global and inclusive approach.


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Hawa Dawa is ECO17 Award Nominee.


Grants Raised

Approx. 150.000€




B2B Holert
B2B Green City Solutions

Enviromental Impact

«By making air pollutants, such as ground-level ozone and black carbon, visible, Hawa Dawa increases our ability to reduce their impact on health and climate.»

Yekbun Guergoz
Clean Air and Climate Coalition

Economic Impact

We make air quality data relevant and profitable for everyday activities. With unprecedented amounts of air quality data, cities can design the most impactful and resource efficient measures to improve urban air quality. By integrating air quality data in everyday life, clean air becomes financially viable. Especially in the fields of real estate, fitness app, digital health and urban planning.

Social Impact

Hyperlocal air quality information increases the resilience of the urban population.

Knowing when and where air pollution is bad is a proven way for proper disease prevention and management. It can help risk groups, such as as Asthmatics, save up to 50% of their healthcare expenditures and greatly improve their live quality.

»Being able to track individual exposure to individual pollutants over a period of time would be worth gold.«

Prof. Dr. Hesham Nour-El Din
Member of the Royal College of Physicians


MunichRe & Impact Hub Fellowship "8 Billion Lives" (90.000€)
ClimateKIC Phase I&II (50.000€)
Winner at Think.Make.Start Hackathon (TU Munich)
TechTalents Scholarship Award
XPreneurs Startup - UnternehmerTUM
Zeidler Stiftung MakerSpace Scholarship

Country of Origin







Karim Tarraf - CEO (unconfirmed)

Yvonne Rusche (COO),
Birgit Fullerton (Data Scientist),
Jannai Flaschberger (Lead Engineer),
Matthew Fullerton (Software Developer)

Contact Person

Karim Tarraf




CleanTech, Climate Change Mitigation, Citizen Science, Air quality, environmental conservation, air pollution monitoring, machine learning, IoT, big data