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LXP Group GmbH

Early Stage Startup


New pre-treatment “gently cracks” 2G biomass for valuable products

Elevator Pitch

Today, mostly 1st generation (1G) biomass is used for the production of biofuels and biochemicals, i.e. feedstocks containing either starch or sugar such as maize, wheat or sugar cane. At the same time several hundredmillion tons of 2G biomass are available but underutilized, e.g. corn stover, cereal straws, empty fruit bunches, etc.

The LXP Group has developed a proprietary, patented process to gently crack 2nd generation (2G) biomass into its main components cellulose, hemicellulose (both complex sugars) and lignin. As a result, lignin, the substance responsible for the “woodiness” of plants can be extracted, leaving the cellulose and hemi-cellulose availabel for further bio-processing. In other words, “woody” (2G) biomass can be used to manufacture sugars, which can then be further processed to biofuels or biochemicals. The LX Technology can increase overall biomass yield by up to 50%!

Furthermore, the extracted lignin is of exceptional grade and currently unavailable in such quality on the market. This highly attractive co-product is expected to lead to entirely new products innovations in field such as adhesives, paints, resins, carbon fiber, phenolic resins and natural aromas (i.e. vanillin). For example, the company has been contacted by a Fraunhofer Institute to jointly develop a 3D ink based on lignin.


The market entry strategy is focused initially on the German biogas market, which has an installed base of almost 9,000 plants. The initial product is a modular retrofit plant that can be easily integrated into existing biogas plants, increasing output (revenues) by up to 50%. Detailed engineering on this plant has been completed and final terms are being negotiated. In subsequent steps, the technology will be introduced in industrial processes to produce bioethanol and as a raw material in the industrial scale production of biochemicals based on the sugar platform.

Why we are ecofriendly

Out technology (a) enables an efficient use of 2nd generation biomass, (b) enables the development of new, disruptive technologies based on lignin as a raw material (c) makes use of waste heat, e.g. on location at a biogas plant and (d) is highly conducive to usage in further bio-processing to chemicals processes given the low level of inhibitors.

Latest News

March 2016: Detailed engineering on demonstration plant completed


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Version History

2016-04-11 07:41:54 - changed social-impact to 'Food as well as fuel'

2016-04-11 07:39:19 - changed social-impact to 'Receive food security as well as bioeconomy'

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2016-04-11 07:30:03 - changed environmental-impact to 'Usage of plant residues instead of starch and/or sugar as suppliment of fossil resources'

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Capital Raised

2.6m €

Grants Raised

0.6m €




MIG AG and KfW



Enviromental Impact

Usage of plant residues instead of starch and/or sugar as suppliment of fossil resources

Economic Impact

Yields above 30%

Social Impact

Food as well as fuel



Request for Mentors

not at this moment

Country of Origin



2009 / 2012


Contact Person

Frank Schneider, CEO
Jaska Harm, CFO


Berlin and Marienwerder