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Linear power systems

Elevator Pitch

Libertine makes high performance linear electrical machines for more efficient pumps, actuators, small power generators and waste heat recovery systems


Libertine makes high performance electrical machines and free piston devices for linear motion and decentralised power generation applications ranging from 1kWe to over 1MWe. The first industrial applications are linear actuators, pumps and biogas heat-to-power systems in the UK and EU. Libertine licenses its IP to industrial OEMs and other application developers who can develop products that make use of Libertine’s technology and bring these products to market.

Why we are ecofriendly

Unlike conventional internal combustion engine-generators, which use a crank shaft and mechanical powertrain to spin a generator, Libertine’s free piston technology uses a linear electrical machine to generate power more directly and more efficiently. This novel approach can produce a third more power from the same fuel or heat source. In addition, the variable compression ratio offered by this technology permits the use of variable renewable fuels such as biogas. And yet this efficiency and flexibility does not require any additional mechanical cost and complexity – quite the opposite. Generator products, as well as pumps and actuators built around Libertine’s Linear Power Systems technology are expected to be lower cost than comparable devices using current technology. Libertine's Linear Power Systems technology will help make cost effective, low carbon decentralised power generation the norm.

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Linear Power 2015 a milestone event for linear e-machine and free piston technology developers www.libertine.co.uk/news/li...


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Seeking £2m series A investment

Capital Raised

£1.3m equity

Grants Raised

£0.9m grants




Synergy Energy Limited
Green Angel Syndicate
Providence Holdings
Watson Haynes Limited
Wren Capital
Martlet Corporate Angel
plus individual angel investors


Universiti Teknologie PETRONAS
Anthony Best Dynamics
Warwick Manufacturing Group
UK Ministry of Defence


Shell Springboard regional finalist (2013)
Climate KIC award at Cleantech Innovate (2015)

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Sam Cockerill - CEO (unconfirmed)

Ed Haynes - CTO
Dr Derek Shepherd - Chairman
Sir Robin Saxby - Advisor
Sir Rob Margetts - Advisor

Contact Person

Sam Cockerill sam.cockerill@libertine.co.uk




Distributed power generation
Linear electrical machines
Free piston technology