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Moixa Smart Battery and IoT Aggregation Platform for Storage Services

Elevator Pitch

Moixa is the UKs leading domestic energy storage and aggregation company with approaching 1000 systems and proprietary/patented platform for grid services. Our smart battery is designed for mass market, compact / 1 hour install in any customer, utility, social housing or new build - unlike competitors that focus on prosumer.or off grid market with larger systems targeting early adopters. Our platform is also open to third party batteries and VPP. We have delivered majority (~£5m) of Uk domestic storage projects and with multiple UK utilities.


Moixa provides an integrated Smart Battery and Platform service.

Moixa Smart Battery is a AC Coupled, compact 2-3KWh module, (50x30x20cm) suitable for the mass market - any Utility Customer, Social or Urban housing. It is lowest cost to wall installed, through combination of design, 1 hour install, smart/remote support. The system supports solar storage, night/smart tariff access, data services, and grid/winter balancing services,

Moixa's GridShare platform aggregates batteries, eMobility devices and Iot Batteries, for a range of Utility, Network and System services, such as smart tariff, rate arbitrage, grid re-enforcement/deferral, VPP and Grid Services (Balancing/Frequency). The platform is supported by partnerships and projects across the energy system, and by granted patents on aggregating storage or managing storage to smart meter signals.

Why we are ecofriendly

Moixa helps reduce the carbon cost and resilience of grid-systems, and enables more adoption and higher yields for solar and wind, and other renewable assets. It also helps enable energy efficiency technologies (including DC-DC power for LED and ICT/IoT devices and battery charging, in additional to AC power for households).

Moixa's smart systems and IP also support a range of intelligent/AI, and disaggregated usage analysis - enabling targeting of other energy offers, efficiency technology. Patents are well cited across the industry aiding standards for storage as a mass market class - e.g. www.google.co.uk/patents/US...

Latest News

April: TEPCO announced an investment in the current Spring Round.

March: £10.8m Smart Island (ERDF) project with Hitachi and Passiv Systems on the Isle of Scilly where Moixa's platform is delivering a VPP/Mgmt of Behind the Meter batteries, and EV Resources.

Projects across UK Energy actors, from DNOs (e.g. Northern Power Grid, S&SE PD), Utilities (E.g. British Gas, Scottish Power), Aggregators, Social Housing. Moixa has delivered over £5m of projects with partners, including:

MOIXA delivered 2014/15 a £1.5m contract for UK DECC ENERGY STORAGE DEMONSTRATORS which installed over 0.5MWh across 200 homes as an aggregate VPP


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Version History

2017-04-25 21:11:12 - changed productpitch to 'Moixa provides an integrated Smart Battery and Platform service. Moixa Smart Battery is a AC Coupled, compact 2-3KWh...'

2017-04-25 21:10:28 - changed tagline to 'Moixa Smart Battery and IoT Aggregation Platform for Storage Services'

2017-04-25 16:31:40 - changed grantsraised to 'approx €5m grants or contract pilots. '

2017-04-25 16:31:31 - changed capitalraised to 'approx €3m pre 2017, current €3-5m spring. '

2017-04-25 16:28:30 - changed fundraising to 'Currently in staged raise of £10-20m, with a spring close in 2017'

MOIXA is ECO17 Award Nominee.





Currently in staged raise of £10-20m, with a spring close in 2017

Capital Raised

approx €3m pre 2017, current €3-5m spring.

Grants Raised

approx €5m grants or contract pilots.


20 FTE plus network or specialist/contracts, contract manufacture and partners


MOIXA ENERGY HOLDINGS (originally incubated tech/IPR), HNW including former CEOs of Big 6 Utilities, Family offices, Corporate VC including TEPCO
, Pension Fund.


UK Utilities e.g Big 6 (Scottish Power, British Gas, ANO), Medium/New Utilities

Social Housing/Councils including new home developers and asset owners

Private/Direct customers.

UK Government (DECC), Network Operators.

Enviromental Impact

Aim to deploy 1M batteries across UK homes by early 2020, and form a Pumped Hydro plant level of power and capacity for daily, network and system value. Helping to reduce UK peak carbon towards the 50g targets alongside renewable adoption.

Reduction in curtailment of solar/wind resources.

Economic Impact

Targeting e.g. UK £0.25bn+ of hardware/service sales over 5 years, and jobs across solar/domestic install markets.

Social Impact

Job creation/maintenance of household solar/install fleets, and uplift of economic and social case for Smart Meters.

Reduced fuel poverty in social housing, and lower energy bills


£1.5m recent Hitachi Contract
~£5m of past project/contracts to Utility, or Grant/Consortia

Founders won top iF Gold Product Design award for previous USBCELL invention (sold several £million) and now under license to ECOUSBCELL (won CES 2016 Innovation award)

Request for Mentors

Moixa's Advisory network includes as Chairman a former global head of Accenture Utilities/Energy practice, and former Big 6 CEO, and Investors.

We are exploring country/region specific experts.

Country of Origin



2010 as subsidiary/spin out of Moixa Energy Holdings (founded in 2005, launched USBCELL)



Simon Daniel - CEO (unconfirmed)

Contact Person



One Fellmongers Path, London, SE1 3LY