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Elevator Pitch

Masar is Africa’s first distributed solar power network. The smart energy company partners with private property-owners (land and rooftops) to build medium-sized solar installations close to major cities, where power consumption is high, and provides smart energy solutions to prevent blackouts, save energy and stabilize the grid. This eliminates the need for massive infrastructure investments to utilize far-away desert lands for solar power generation and contributes to grid stability by distributing power production over many nodes. Masar's operations are primarily focused on the Middle East and North Africa. During Q1/2015, Masar successfully completed its first solar installations in Cairo, Egypt.


Masar matches private African property-owners with international investors for the purpose of deploying a distributed solar power network (Under 500KW per node). The company utilizes modern tools to estimate potential revenues or savings from having solar installations. The company then accepts applications from property-owners who are unable to finance or install solar systems themselves and after conducting a site evaluation deploys the installations at the company’s expense according to an internal prioritization (factors include grid-connectivity, solar exposure, and others). The property owners then receive a revenue share once the installation is complete and the company starts receiving Feed-in-Tariffs for the generated power or in some cases, the company may sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) directly with a commercial consumer (such as factories, business parks, stadiums, etc.). For property owners who can afford to buy and own the full system, Masar may provide an installation/maintenance service, or other smart energy solutions like battery back-up systems to prevent black-outs when the grid is down.

Why we are ecofriendly

By rapidly deploying a distributed solar power network on private property, we are contributing to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and accordingly carbon emissions. We are also contributing to grid stability as distributed solar power production does not require massive infrastructure investments and can reach all income classes. Masar has also launched Masar Academy, a non-profit online institution that provides free training material and publications about the market dynamics of the global Sun Belt. The first publication will be published in Q4/2015 and is titled: "How Can the Global Sun Belt Power Our Entire Planet? - 5 Steps to Going 100% Solar".

Latest News

Selected as one of the Climate-KIC Hessen Accelerator startups; Selected as one of the top 10 Rockstart Smart Energy startups; Successfully installed prototype in Cairo; Secured an angel investment from professional cleantech investor Juha Saarinen, who also became Chairman of the board.


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Capital Raised







The Egyptian government pre-approved 300MW of small-medium scale solar power plants with an attractive 25-year PPA of 0.12EUR/KWh (similar to the German Feed-in-Tariff).


Climate-KIC Hessen Accelerator, Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator

Country of Origin

Netherlands, Finland, Egypt






Mo El-Fatatry - Founder & CEO
Juha Saarinen - Chairman
Tuomas Tahvanainen - CFO
Yassin Amir - Engineering
Jarno Salminen - Logistics
Markus Eastwood - Research
Jiang Le - Suppliers
Rihards Novikovs - Admin

Contact Person

Mo El-Fatatry


Amsterdam, Cairo


solar power, power generation, smart energy