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Match Rider

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Everyday Ride-Sharing

Elevator Pitch

Match Rider makes ride-sharing convenient for everyday rides by automatically identifying meeting locations (Match Points) directly along a driver's route. Match Points make sharing rides convenient for drivers, key to a functioning platform.


Our vision is to establish carpooling as part of our daily mobility mix and make spontaneous real-time matches possible. The basis of the platform are Match Points, which are meeting locations where a driver can quickly stop to pick up a passenger. Match Points work just like bus stops; they are connected to public transport and can be reached directly on the driver's route.

Match Rider is the only system on the market that makes sharing rides convenient for drivers. The driver takes no or few detours while maximizing the number of potential passengers. Our Match Point system leads to greater driver participation and transparency for the passengers. Match Points are pre-populated with locations throughout Germany and can be supplemented by the user community.

Why we are ecofriendly

Match Rider improves the quality of our cities air by reducing the number of automobiles on our roads. The average occupancy in a German vehicle is just 1.2 passengers!

Latest News

Match Rider has recently joined the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator


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Katina Schneider - Business Developer

Alfie Swartzbaugh - CEO / System Architect
Frank Anders - CFO / Business Developer

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Katina Schneider


Match Rider UG
Emil-Maier-Stra├če 16
69115 Heidelberg