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Milk the Sun

Late Stage Startup


The premier digital platform for the operation of solar PV systems

Elevator Pitch

Started as small projects by idealists in many regions, photovoltaic installations have now become serious and profitable objects for multimillion-dollar investments. Investors all over the world are deeply involved in the trade with photovoltaic installations – from small roof systems to huge utility scale projects.

Now the world’s largest open marketplace for PV systems with over 21,000 registered users, Milk the Sun expands its business based on the additional expertise gained during its existence to offer a unique, intuitive and all-encompassing platform for owners and operators – enabling them to control, manage and optimize their PV systems as well as trading them to and with a worldwide audience.


Heart of our platform and center of attention is our cockpit MyMilktheSun. Functioning as a surface to supervise PV installations throughout their entire lifecycle, the main components of Milk the Sun are:

1) Marketplace
Milk the Sun offers the world’s largest open marketplace for PV systems. The marketplace facilitates the sale of existing photovoltaic installations as well as project rights and surfaces for PV systems. An easy-to-understand search mask enables land owners to trade their premises and project rights (primary market), gives owners of photovoltaic systems the possibility to resell their operational installations (secondary market), and allows international investors to search for new, secure and profitable investment opportunities all over the world.

2) Services
Milk the Sun offers a comprehensive services portfolio consisting of independently selected services to allow the highest quality possible. Services range from legal and financial issues to matters of maintenance and operational optimization, such as financial and legal due diligence, insurance deals, system cleaning, inverter warranties and more. In the end, customers profit from our service selection by achieving best conditions for all stages of a PV system lifecycle.

3) Solarganizer
Owners of solar systems are businessmen. Therefore, in most countries, they have to preserve all valid documents such as bills, contracts, tax reports and accounting files. Founded by project planners and grown into the brand it nowadays is, Milk the Sun knows the complicated details that document administration may comprise. Our Solarganizer, perfectly integrated into the MyMilktheSun surface, offers an efficient and secure virtual data space to organize and save all important documents while automatically reminding customers of important dates, appointments and deadlines.

Milk the Sun tops off its business range with lots valuable content, calculation tools and a friendly, direct customer service.

Why we are ecofriendly

With Milk the Sun, becoming an operator of a PV system becomes significantly easier. Therefore, it contributes to the development of the renewable energy industry by making trading and financing PV projects easier and enabling unexperienced, more financially motivated investors to take part in the Eco movement of renewable energies.

Milk the Suns services and products selection for PV systems is realized with a high sensitivity for both profitability and sustainability. Therefore, Milk the Sun is an invisible curator for ideal choices that contribute to our world’s shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

Milk the Sun aids the solar industry to evolve from a niche market to one of the leading energy and power sources worldwide.

Latest News

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For more information, please visit our website: www.milkthesun.com/eng/press


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Milk the Sun is ECO17 Award Nominee.





Preparing Series A



Philipp von Seherr-Thoss (Managing Director) – with his numerous international (university and professional) experiences, he is responsible for customer acquisition, internationalization and extension of service cooperation.

Dirk Petschick (Managing Director) – his career started at Deutsche Bank, later occupied with company development e.g. project manager at Philips Deutschland; in 2009 set up his first company.

Kai Daniels (Managing Director) – experienced founder with focus on business development, operations and product development, passion for platform and mobile business models. Started as strategy consultant and supporting international expansion of one of the leading shopping clubs


Gründerfonds Münsterland
Howaldt Energies Group
eCapital III Cleantech Fonds


Private individuals, high-net-worth individuals, private funds, trusts, banks, insurances, state and infrastructure funds, as well as project developing companies, EPCs, municipalities, etc.

Enviromental Impact

Supporting the solar industry worldwide!

Economic Impact

Making investing in and operating of solar systems easier, thus enabling participants from many different branches worldwide to become part of the solar industry.


Climate-KIC Business Accelerator - Stage3 Sponsorship
Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice 2012 in Europe
Most innovative company granted at the 12th Leipzig Elevator Pitch Night
Malta Prize
Code-n Finalist
Innovationspreis-IT Best of 2012 Inniative
Best Product from the Europas
Mittelstand E-Commerce
Preis der Deutschen Industirie

Country of Origin



March 2012




Philipp von Seherr-Thoss - Managing Director
Dirk Petschick - Managing Director
Kai Daniels - Co-CEO

Contact Person

Simon Edel (PR & Marketing Manager)


Milk the Sun GmbH
Mendelstraße 11
Münster, 48149


renewable energy, solar startup, solar energy, internet, marketplace, investment