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MotionTag develops a platform for seamless pay-as-you-go ticketing. Traveling from A-to-B has never been easier, as the user only needs a smartphone in his pocket. No more missing change or thinking about fare zones. Travel first, get charged the best price afterward automatically. We think the future of transportation lies in easy traveling, achieved by seamlessly combining different transport modes. This is why we developed our technology, that will allow the user to experience this new way of intermodal travelling.


We provide an oyster card-like ticketing system without additional infrastructure: easy to scale, cost-efficient and simple access for the end-user. Through machine learning on smartphone sensor data we passively detect ten different transport types in the background. By integrating APIs and further data sources, we provide a fully software-based ticketing technology that works as a check-in/be-out solution. Our platform is designed to easily integrate public transportation and other mobility services such as car-sharing solutions. It enables Mobility-as-a-Service in a pay-as-you-go manner, not forcing the user to plan his future mobility demand.
Besides increasing the attractiveness of the transport system through state-of-the-art ticketing, our platform generates accurate multimodal data that can be used to improve the existing transport system: optimize timetables and routes, enable flexible pricing schemes, and finally focus the mobility system around the user.

Why we are ecofriendly

Our technology has two green advantages: first, we provide transport operators a new way to attract customers who do not use their services, therefore removing cars from the road in cities. Second, transport operators can run their operations more effectively and optimize their infrastructure by, for example, knowing where to increase the number of trains in a certain station at a certain time. Altogether, our solution increases the attractiveness of public transport, thus attracting more users in a better operating environment.

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MotionTag is ECO17 Award Nominee.




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November 2015




Stephan Leppler - Co-Founder & CEO

Florian Stock - Co-Founder & CTO
Wolfhard Fehre - Data Analyst
Fabien Sauthier - Business Development
Max Klingsporn - Data Analyst
Alexander Immer - Developer
Patrick Wagner - Data Analyst
Tilmann Singer - Developer
Sebastian Vogelsang - Developer

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Stephan Leppler


MotionTag UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Sybelstr. 42
10629 Berlin