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"Zero hassle-zero emission Mobility-on-Demand" to companies and cities

Elevator Pitch

MOVE ABOUT launched in 2009 the world's first Mobility-on-Demand service using electric vehicles in Norway. Today we allow more than 8000 employees in Scandinavia to drive electric pool cars, share rides with colleagues and have the most convenient form of travel choices to / from and at work at their fingertips.
150 companies, 4 large utilities and 16 municipalities are our satisfied customers.
Now we want to roll out across Germany and Europe
We reduce cost, climate emission and traffic jams for our customers and the community.


We have perfected our service built on a sky-based Mobility-on-Demand product that makes booking a ride and finding the best low- or zero emission transport option directly available to the individual employees. That may be an e-bike or a public transport. We guarantee that they have a transport where they need it and have not to worry about anything. We take care of all booking and reporting, vehicle maintenance and services.
Controlling the largest independent electric vehicle fleet across Scandinavia, we now plan to integrate vehicle to grid solutions and offer access to virtual power plants for our zero emission energy partners.
We have started to fully integrate our Mobility-on-Demand services with large corporate and municipal fleet systems and in-house ride-sharing systems

Why we are ecofriendly

We dramatically reduce the emissions generated by employees travelloing to/from and during work. Some of our customers estimate that they have reduced their emissions by over 30% while saving both parking spaces and cost - and offering to their employees a better and more ecofriendly option.

Latest News


In December 2015 at the COP21 event we were names one of the best 100 transport examples in the world to reduce emissions
We are highlighted in the 2016 Global Opportunity Report by the UN Global Compact and DNVGL as an outstanding example for reducing climante gases in the transport sector.


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Version History

2016-04-10 21:18:47 - changed revenues2015 to '€1817000'

2016-04-10 21:18:45 - changed revenues2016 to '€2378000'

2016-04-10 21:18:32 - changed revenues2016 to '€2378000'

2016-04-10 21:17:53 - changed revenues2014 to '€1700000'

2016-04-10 21:16:48 - changed environmental-impact to 'Saving up to 30% of climate gas emission by employee travel'





€ 2 to 3 Mill in stages (expansion Germany)

Capital Raised

€ 2.0 Mill




Inspire Invest/Nordic Enterprise
Capta Invest
EcoMobilityVentures (France)



Enviromental Impact

Saving up to 30% of climate gas emission by employee travel

Economic Impact

Savings for corporate and municipal customers in direct transport cost, and through reduced parking space needed in building cost

Social Impact

Giving access to comfortable EV transport to a wider group of employees (beyound those having executiove company cars)
Employee ride sharing gives social contacts
Reduce trafic jams and lost time in commuting


Green Business Award from City of Baerum (Norway)
Elected among 100 most important initiatives reducing climate impact from transport sector. at COP 21 in Paris

Named outstanding initiative in the 2016 Global Opportunity Report by the UN Global Compact and DNVGL

Country of Origin

Norway and Germany (two parallel companies operated combiend ) chaired by same founders who is key sharehodler in both. German company planned tol be holding in future as fast German growth expected


jan-olaf Willums - chairman and main sharehold

Alexander von Monshaw, CEO Germany
Jarle Froshaug , CEO Norway, CTO group
Michael Kilter, CEO Sweden

Contact Person

Jan-Olaf Willums
tel +47 93480111
Skype willums46


Veritasveien 2 N1323 Hovik Norway
Wienerstrasse 12 D 28359 Bremen Germany