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Turning CO2 from Liability into Opportunity


Elevator Pitch

NewCO2Fuels (NCF) combat climate change by reducing CO2 emission from energy intensive companies and convert the CO2 into methanol, providing them an additional revenue stream while becoming greener.

The NCF plant produces incentive free, revenue generating synthetic fuel and/or chemicals by recycling greenhouse gasses using renewable energy sources.

NCF proposes its product to those energy intensive facilities such as the steel makers, gasification plants, glass and ceramic manufacturers to significantly improve their energy efficiency by recovering wasted high temperature heat and producing valuable fuels or chemicals.


NewCO2Fuels is an Israel-based startup that has developed heat-powered CO2-reducing technology that allows companies to transform waste into a clean, sustainable syngas that can be converted into commodities such as chemicals, fertilizers and fuels.

Newco2fuels innovative and modular product converts CO2 and H2O into fuels and chemicals using high temperature heat as the single source of energy to drive the process. The 40% overall efficiency, from the heat to the chemical energy in the syngas enables the product to be very economically attractive. The product is aimed to energy intensive industries, such as steel, glass and ceramic product as well as gasification facilities. The high temperature heat is recovered from their production lines to process their emitted CO2 and improve their plant overall efficiency by converting those unused waste streams into valuable products. Solar energy can also be used to generate additional heat and expand the CO2 processing capacity of the NCF plant.

Why we are ecofriendly

NCF's systen can significantly reduce the amount of CO2 large facility emits in the atmosphere and thus have a significant impact on global warming. At the moment, the only solution for large emitting facilities is to sequester (bury) the CO2 underground and leaving it for the next generation. We propose a solution that tackles the problem NOW.

Latest News

NewCO2Fuels and Acumentrics have been awarded the $1 million 2014 BIRD Foundation’s Energy program grant to further develop the two companies’ core technology aimed at converting CO2 into an alternative fuel.

NCF successfully completed its prototype testing for high-temperature dissociation of carbon dioxide (CO2) as contained in industrial emissions into carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen.

The technology and product are based on innovative concepts and highly professional in-house know-how using a large variety of disciplines. It is also protected by 6 patent applications, of which one has been granted in the United States, China, Mexico, Israel, Australia and Russia and another one in Israel.

NCF has a signed MOU with one of the world's largest steel making companies together with an international engineering firm to set up a pilot in Europe to demonstrate NCF’s system integration with the steel industry.

NCF has won the World Technology Network Awards 2014 under the Corporate Energy category and has been renominated for the 2015 award.

The Australian Government has selected NCF technology as one of 18 sources for future fuels in a study conducted by the Australian Government’s Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (BREE). The study is concluded in an Australian Liquid Fuel Technology Assessment (ALFTA) report.

Worley Parsons and Technip, global leaders in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry, performed two independent technological evaluation of NCF during Q3 2013 and Q3 2014. Both reports clearly confirm the viability of the technology and recognize the competence and capability of NCF team to carry out the commercialization of the product.


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Greenearth Energy www.greenearthenergy.com.au;

Erdi Fuels

Enviromental Impact

Reduce CO2 emissions to combat climate change

Economic Impact

Convert CO2 into useful methanol that can be sold on the market with profits


2014 World Technology Network Awards under the Corporate Energy category

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