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Bubble-less Aeration, 4 times Energy saving for Wastewater Treatment

Elevator Pitch

Treatement of Wastewater is Energy Intensive. It is estimated that 2-3% of global energy is used for treatment/pumping of wastewater. 60% of the energy usage is due to ‘Forced’ or ‘Bubble’ Aeration.

OxyMem uses gas permeable membranes to transfer Oxygen. There are no Bubbles and Oxymem can achieve up to 100% oxygen transfer efficiency wheras forced aeration is limited to about 35% (Best in class).

The bottom line: Oxymem can deliver a four-fold saving on Energy costs.....now that’s Smart Aeration!


OmyMem 2000PE Packaged Aeration System

Why we are ecofriendly

- Energy savings: OxyMem delivers a four-fold saving on energy costs versus traditional aeration technologies
- Higher rate treatment: OxyMem can achieve volumetric removal rates in the range of 5-32 kgCOD m3/day
Reduced Chemical costs: less dosing required, resulting in savings on caustic usage for pH control
- Lower pumping costs: No need to recycle sludge (Biofilm system), reduced pumping costs
- Robust & Stable: Because OxyMem is a biofilm system it has the ability to resist shock loads
- Reduced physical footprint: OxyMem system contains an aeration system for 2,100 Population Equivalent (PE) in a 45ft shipping container. This can be expanded to 10,000 PE if run on pure oxygen
- Multiple processes in the one tank: No need for separate anoxic tanks for denitrification
- Lower disposal costs for Sludge: Less solids generation since it is a biofilm system
- Pre-Engineered modular design: Fast/simple to install, retrofit or even upgrade existing plant capacity. Our ‘plug and play’ approach allows for ease of installation with only a concrete pad and power required to start up operations.
- Fully Automated: OxyMem is fully automated and can be remotely monitored

Latest News

July 2013 - OxyMem is currently testing a full scale module at Severn Trent's Minworth plant where it will be benchmarked against one of the most sophisticated Activated Sludge Plants in Europe.
August 2013 - OxyMem has secured €250,000 in seed capital


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July 2013





Wayne Byrne - Managing Director

Dr. Eoin Syron - Technical Director
Prof. Eoin Casey - Chairman

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Wayne Byrne


Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland


Energy efficiency
Wastewater treatment