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Waste collection is outdated. Daily recycling operations, such as requesting a pickup, are still largely organised via fax and phone. This lack of digitisation results in inefficient collections, outdated processes and inaccurate data – all of which is limiting the growth of the circular economy. Hamburg based start-up Pendula, aims to change this with the launch of the Mein-Recycling app.


The app enables businesses to easily organise, document and analyse recycling services online. Efficient, easy and transparent, the app lets businesses save over 90% of time spent on administration, while at the same time reducing their environmental footprint. As an added benefit, the Mein-Recycling app takes care of compliance with a new German recycling regulation called the Gewerbeabfallverordnung.

Why we are ecofriendly

The start-up has plans to rattle the industry, and hopes to increases the efficiency of waste collection. This means no more collecting half empty containers, fewer trucks on the road, less KM driven and less fuel consumed. Ultimately the goal is to enable the circular economy, which could reduce CO2 by 450 million tonnes by 2030.

Latest News

To find out more, and to register for participation in the early access programme, please see the German-language site here: www.mein-recycling.de

Sicher und Gesetzeskonform: Abfalldokumentation für Die novellierte Gewerbeabfallverordnung auf Knopfdruck.


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Pendula is ECO17 Award Nominee.

Job Offers

Full-stack Developer



Angel Investors (Berlin, & Hamburg based private investors)


We aim for every recycling company, and every business, worldwide to be using our recycling infrastructure.

Economic Impact

Large cost reduction for transport optimisation and customer administration.


Representing Germany at the EU Venture competition
German Clean-tec Venture Competition - Winner
Climate KIC Stage 3 - Accelerator
Climate KIC Stage 2 - Accelerator
Climate KIC Stage 1 - Accelerator
Hamburg Startup Weekend Winner 2015


August 2015



Gary Lewis - Gary Lewis - CEO
Gary Lewis - Pascal Alich - CTO
Gary Lewis - Felix Heinricy - CCO
Gary Lewis - Martin Barron - Head of Product (unconfirmed)




Waste management, Recycling, Sustainable resource management, Gewerbeabfallverordnung