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Electric car charging made easy

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The pioneering app empowering electric vehicle (EV) drivers to find & pay for charging throughout Europe. PlugSurfing solves the problem EV drivers face of closed networks: now instead of the 100 RFID cards needed to charge everywhere, a driver can use the one thing he is never without: a smartphone


PlugSurfing is for electric vehicle drivers who want to benefit from barrier-free electric vehicle charging across multiple networks. The PlugSurfing app and billing system Is a service that empowers drivers to charge wherever they want, whenever they want to with the one thing they never leave home without: their smartphone. Unlike the current system whereby drivers need over 100 contracts to charge across Europe, PlugSurfing is independent from any charging point networks or energy providers meaning that we can work with and aggregate all charging point operators in one service. The app launched in Germany in June 2014, and will launch across Europe in Q4 2014 and beyond in 2015.

Why we are ecofriendly

In a study by the UK Office of Science and Technology (2006) it was shown that electric driving produces between 33% and 98% less CO2 then an equivalent journey fueled by petrol, depending on the source used to produce the electricity (natural gas or wind and nuclear in this example respectively). Even where coal is used and CO2 levels remain similar to those of petrol, the emissions are still nevertheless completely removed
from populated city areas, therefore increasing the standard of living in urban areas. The difficulty of charging an electric car is often cited as the biggest barrier to mass adoption of EV and PlugSurfing removes this barrier, accelerating, therefore, the progress towards zero emission driving.

Latest News

Feb 2015: PlugSurfing now empowers EV drivers to find, access and pay for electric car driving at over 11,000 charging points in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg,


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2015-03-23 09:17:25 - changed latestnews to 'Feb 2015: PlugSurfing now empowers EV drivers to find, access and pay for electric car driving at over 11,000...'

2015-03-23 09:15:41 - changed awards to 'Code_N Digital Pioneers 2013 Challenge Cup Global Winner 2014 (Energy)'

2015-03-23 09:15:22 - changed investors to 'The Crowd Cleantech Invest 1776.vc'

2015-03-23 09:15:08 - changed capitalraised to 'Seed round 2015, with Cleantech Invest (Europe) and 1776.vc (US)'

2014-08-27 14:05:32 - changed latestnews to 'May 2014: PlugSurfing heading to Washington for 1776 DC Challenge Cup Global Finals May 2014: PlugSurfing win 1776...'


Capital Raised

Seed round 2015, with Cleantech Invest (Europe) and 1776.vc (US)


Management +3


The Crowd
Cleantech Invest


Major car manufacturers / electric vehicle drivers


Code_N Digital Pioneers 2013
Challenge Cup Global Winner 2014 (Energy)

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Adam Woolway - CEO / Co-Founder

Jacob van Zonneveld - COO / Co-Founder
Martin Schenck - CTO

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Adam Woolway




Electric vehicles, EV, cleantech, charging, smartphone apps