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Millions of people have played a game known as Tamagotchi for hundred millions of hours. The players loved it but it was a meaningless waste of time. We wonder how great it would be to leverage a fraction of this time and put it to a good cause for real life change. This is where “EcoGotchi” comes in. It is a small colorful creature living on your smartphone. Its well-being is dependent on the players’ behavior and gaming skills. Players have to feed it with CO2 which you save by riding trains, buying local or fair trade goods or just by learning interesting facts about sustainability.


EcoGotchi - Mixed Reality location-based Gamification App for CO2 saving

If you ask people if they would help to save Tuvalu from drowning, everyone will tell you “Sure, but how”. After teaching them how to save CO2 some will actually take the train, buy local goods or save energy but after a while missing direct feedback and motivation they will fall back to their old consuming patterns. This is where our game tries to help and motivates day by day anew with challenging missions and games. Comparing your EcoGotchi to others in the social net increases the competition between players and their savings. Our game combines innovative augmented reality game play with a location-based and context aware tutor on your smartphone who advises you what you could do in your surroundings to save CO2. In national parks signs or locations come to life and the players can learn and play various adventures with the little critter. EcoGotchi automatically detects if a player is riding a train which scores points and unlocks additional branded games, which only can be played while on the train. With the smartphone camera players can scan the package of sustainable products, play branded AR games on the packaging and go for the highscore. The best players will be rewarded with awesome prizes from our partners.
Our game idea is simple and works on social factors of competition, collaboration and good game design. Our studio has years of industry and academic experience, the idea scales and we are currently discussing internationalization with the European Union and VCs.

Why we are ecofriendly

Our app gives realtime location based tips for users and directs their lives towards more sustainable consuming choices in a fun and entertaining way. Everyone can easily save 6kg CO2 a day with just small adaption to his/her lifestyle. EcoGotchi is your nagging conscience in form of a virtual creature who is dependant on your behaviour who helps you with this goal. Knowledge how to save CO2 is one thing, but the more important one is long-term motivation and this is where EcoGotchi's is always pushing you and when you compare your EcoGotchi to others in the social net you better have a well nourished one happy to be fed with tons of CO2. We want to raise awareness for a younger digital native generation and use a combination of games, tips and coupon gamification. Small changes all together make the biggest change.

Latest News

EcoGotchi was selected by US investors to join the PlugAndPlayTechCenter in the Silicon Valley in January 2016
Top8 Nomination for Trend@Venture Award
Selected as one of the Top100 Austrian startups (Trend magazine cover story)
Selected for the national finals of the EU ClimateLaunchpad competition --> climatelaunchpad.org/


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2015-05-13 07:50:06 - changed latestnews to 'EcoGotchi was selected by US investors to join the PlugAndPlayTechCenter in the Silicon Valley in January 2016 Top8...'

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We are currently trying to find investors for our vision based on our prototypes...

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Government of Salzburg


2013 NetIdee (50k€)
2014 Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award
2014 ImpulseXS Incubator (47k€)
2015 Greenstart Award (21k€)
2015 Top8 Trend@Venture Award
2015 EU ClimateLaunchpad National Finals Nominee

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We would love to work with a mentor from the field!

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Robert Praxmarer - CEO

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Robert Praxmarer
robert.praxmarer at polycular.com


Hallein, Austria


Green Gamification, Mixed Reality, Quantified Self, Game, location-based, mobile app