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Qinous GmbH manufactures and globally sells smart, plug-and-play energy storage solutions (ESS) for grid-connected as well as off-grid use in the commercial, industrial and public sector. Qinous wants to enable companies and communities to use high shares of renewable energies reliably and at affordable cost everywhere in the world.

Qinous has developed and uses a standardized product platform that combines high flexibility to customers project requirements with low cost for engineering and manufacturing of the Qinous ESS. The embedded Qinous Microgrid Energy Management System comes with integrated interfaces to a majority of diesel plant control systems and PV inverters enabling a fast installation and commissioning of the Qinous ESS as well as an automatic, reliable operation of entire microgrids. Qinous products make otherwise complex and costly battery technologies accessible, usable and profitable for many solar and wind power installers and end users worldwide.

The Qinous products address the main gap especially in the market of energy supply in the off-grid and unstable-grid segment. Diesel generators today mainly power these segments. Despite of the currently low Diesel prices the Qinous ESS in combination with PV and/or wind power in many cases lead to lower electricity costs. The market potential is roughly outlined by the more than 20 GW of gensets that are installed every year and with a turnover of ca. 13 billion USD in these segments. Due to the cost competitiveness thanks to the in-house developments and standardization, the Qinous ESS is also highly attractive for the steadily growing market of grid-connected commercial and industrial storage solutions. The accumulated market potential for this market in Europe alone is ca. 3,2 GW (IHS).

Since its foundation end of 2013 Qinous has sold and to a large degree delivered and commissioned battery storage solutions with a total power exceeding 6 MW and a total capacity exceeding 7 MWh in 11 projects. Qinous customers are city, national and global utilities such as PowerWaterCooperation in Australia, manufacturing companies, hospitals, universities and communities in Germany, Haiti, Tanzania and Australia. The customer references thereby cover most of the relevant off-grid and on-grid business segments and regions and thereby form a solid basis for the company’s next growth stage.

The main focus of Qinous in-house hardware engineering and software programming is cost reduction while maintaining a high product quality and performance combined with a user-friendly installation and operation scheme. The latter is reflected in the app-like, user-friendly human-machine interface allowing also non-engineers to run a complex microgrid using high shares of renewable energies. The technology is in principle battery technology agnostic and can always integrate ground breaking new battery technologies.


The Qinous Energy Storage Solution (Qinous ESS) is a smart, plug-and-play usable, intelligent energy storage solution in the power range from 30 kW to ca. 5 MW.

Plug-and-play means that the Qinous ESS product portfolio embodies all hardware components needed for a functional off-grid and on-grid battery solution including the batteries, the power electronics, the cooling and housing concept and the control hardware. The solution is designed to withstand also hard climatic conditions typical for many remote off-grid sites allowing operation almost anywhere in the world. The systems are modular and scalable and can be equipped with extra features such as salt-mist resistance to allow a perfect fit to the project requirements.

Smart refers to the integrated Qinous Microgrid and Energy Management System (Qinous MEMS). The Qinous MEMS not only manages the entire Qinous storage solution and covers for a diverse number of on-grid storage applications. It also manages and monitors remotely or on-site entire microgrids, allowing for safe, user-friendly, remote and stable operation of microgrids if the diesel gensets are turned off by the Qinous MEMS only using PV / wind and storage.

As battery technology the Qinous ESS currently uses long-lasting Li ion or aqueous Na ion batteries. Especially the Li ion series is a highly compact solution requiring a minimum of space and weight.

Why we are ecofriendly

Today, diesel and fossil power plants generate electricity and provide grid regulatory services in national and mini-grids. Due to the intermittency of renewable energies a replacement of these fossil fuels is often limited.

The QINOUS energy storage solution allows the easy integration of large shares of renewable resources, while maintaining a high grid quality and reliable energy supply. Thus, QINOUS provides the missing link towards a 100% renewable energy based energy supply.

Latest News

Qinous has been awarded a 800 kW / 2000 kWh off-grid storage project in a public tender from the utility of the Northern territories, the PowerWater Cooperation:

Qinous commissions 200 kW / 225 kWh battery storage solution in Albert Schweitzer hospital in Haiti:
www.haitilibre.com/en/news-... or


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Currently preparing next financing round


We are a team of 13 employees with over 40 years of internatioanl experience in the power, battery and renewable energy industry.


Funded from VC Fonds Technologie Berlin (managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH) and a second investor


Power Water Cooperation (Utility of Northern Territories in Australia)
Stadtwerke Münster
Stadtwerke Forst and others


pv magazine "Top Innovation Award" 2014
pv magazine "Audience Award" 2014

Country of Origin



September 2013


Steffen Heinrich - Managing Director (Production, R&D)
Dr. George Hanna - Managing Director (Sales, Finance)
Busso von Bismarck - Head of Sales and Business Development

Contact Person

Dr. George Hanna - Managing Director - hanna@qinous.com


Wilhelminenhofstr. 75
12459 Berlin


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