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REstore Demand Response

Late Stage Startup


The leading energy technology company monetizing your flexibility.


Elevator Pitch

REstore is an award-winning, energy technology company, specialized in Demand Side Management and delivering Flexible - carbon neutral - Power to R1. REstore is currently active as an aggregator in Belgium, Germany, the UK, France and offers it software solution FlexPond as SaaS to power utilities in the US, amongst other markets.

REstore does not generate power (“Megawatts”), but intelligently reduces consumption (“Negawatts”). This way the company contributes to creating a greener energy market and to reduce our carbon footprint for a better climate.

Recently REstore won the CleanEquity 2017 Award for Best Company, the Energy Manager Today Best Product of the Year 2017 and got ranked in the Top Three of Demand Response leaders in Europe by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

For many years the company has been the leader in the fast-growing European Primary Reserve / Frequency Control markets and operates in all ancillary services and capacity markets in Europe. The company’s proprietary platform FlexPond™ is used by more than 135 of Europe’s largest industrial energy consumers. Large industrial consumers of REstore's solutions are Vestolit, Total, ArcelorMittal, Umicore, Sappi. FlexPond has a range of utility customers including five of Europe’s top-50 utilities and grid operators.

REstore likes to highlight the importance of DERM-platforms - as FlexPond™ - to be integrated in the smart grid. DERM-categories like batteries, micro-productions, flexible loads will need to be connected, respond intelligently in times power demand is peaking or renewable energy supply is high.

Today REstore has 1,7 GW of flexible peak load of which 600+ of Flex MWs under management 24/7/365.

At E-World 2017 REstore has launched a new Industrie 4.0 solution for Energy Managers who like to unlock the value of flexible power: FlexTreo™.

(Watch FlexTreo-video: youtu.be/5lyH0Z0AAlA)

Energy Managers increasingly understand the potential of the flexible power that is hidden within industrial processes. REstore’s FlexTreo™ solution empowers Energy Managers to unlock this potential by using cloud-connectivity and big data-driven energy intelligence that is at the heart of Industry 4.0.

FlexTreo™ goes beyond energy reporting and invoice management, which are the classic features of Energy Intelligence Software. Our solution truly bridges the gap between Energy Managers and Plant Managers.

REstore is constantly evolving and working on new EnerTech solutions that help us to build a cleaner environment.


REstore as energy innovator, designs and implements, the latest, smartest and greenest, Artificial Intelligence-energy solutions for:
- residential and industrial consumers
- energy managers and production managers:
- power utilities

Why we are ecofriendly

By creating a virtual power plant, REstore doesn't produce power, but reduces the demand for power. Therefore there is no CO2 emission involved and can REstore attribute to create a better climate and help the renewable energy market evolve.

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REstore Demand Response is ECO17 Award Nominee.




Capital Raised

capital raised 11.009 KEUR
Total Equity Funding
$13.15M in 3 Rounds from 3 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$7.82 Million on May 1, 2015 / Undisclosed Round

Grants Raised



Up to 50
Discover our team here : www.restore.eu/en/about-us/...


A privately held company. Investors are: LRM, Axe Investments, Ark Angels Fund and a number of prominent industrial families and entrepreneurs.

LRM: www.lrm.be/
Axe Investments: www.axe-investments.com/
Ark Angels Fund: www.crunchbase.com/organiza...


125+ commercial & industrial consumers (ArcelorMittal, Sappi, Total, ...) and 5 of the top-50 of the largest power utilities in Europe.
Have a look here : www.restore.eu/en/customers

Customers for example (but not limited too):
ArcelorMittal: corporate.arcelormittal.com/
Umicore: www.umicore.com/
Total: www.total.com/en

Utilities customers for example (but not limited too):
Elia (Belgium): www.elia.be/
RTE (France): www.rte-france.com/en/accueil
National Grid (UK): www2.nationalgrid.com/uk/

Enviromental Impact

Have a look at our real-time data and Demand Response KPI's l - i.e. CO2 savings ! :


REstore is an award-winning energy technology company.

Over the past 6 months REstore has won 5 awards: CleanEquity Award 2017, Energy Manager Today Award for Top Product 2016, Deloitte Technology 2016 Fast 500 EMEA, the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award Winner and the Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE) Award 2016.

Country of Origin

Belgium: HQ in Antwerp.
Other offices: Düsseldorf, London, Paris and San Francisco.


Privately-held company founded in 2010 by Pieter-Jan Mermans and Jan-Willem Rombouts, both co-ceo's.




Liene Donckers - Head of MarComm (unconfirmed)

Contact Person



Belgium - Antwerp
Other offices in Europe : www.restore.eu/en/about-us/...


Energy Efficiency
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Power Plant
Utility of the Future
Distributed Energy Resources Management
Decentralized Energy Resources
Industrie 4.0
Digital disruption
Energy Transition
Big Data
Smart Grid
Demand Response
Demand Side Management
Clean Technology
Smart Cities
Green Energy
Grid Edge