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Smart Home Ecosystems - for a new experience in efficiency!

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ROCKETHOME has developed a holistic software for Smart Home Ecosystems that serves both, private and commercial customers. The advanced technology platform is designed to support the rollout of innovative and digital Smart Energy and Smart Home solutions by exploiting the means of broadband, mobile data and ‘internet of things.

ROCKETHOME Smart Home Ecosystems create new experience in efficiency.

Smart Energy and Smart Business solutions empower energy and cost savings by constant monitoring and analyzing of energy consumption in a Smart Home or commercial premises. Smart Home and Smart Building systems enable control and management of all devices to increases comfort, safety and energy efficiency. And the best of all: All services and applications in one complete platform – small or big.

ROCKETHOME offers his 360° service provider models to utilities, telcos, consumer electronic OEM and other service provider as a part of their smart grid and connected living strategies.


Home Control
Our integral solution for the control and automation of rooms and devices:

- Use cases: home automation, security, energy efficiency and health
- Open system that supports various in-house devices – you have a spectrum
of over 50 actors and sensors of different manufacturers
- Value-added-services, e.g. combination with insurance packages

Home Energy
Monitoring and optimization of the overall energy flow in your building:

- Use cases: energy savings, eco-efficient consumption, decentralized energy
management, demand-side-management, smart-grid, business-solutions
- Open system: supported devices for photovoltaics, CHP, heat pumps, energy
storage, electric vehicles, smart meters (power, water, gas, heat)
- Value-added-services, e.g. integration of dynamic energy tariffs (demand

Home Monitoring
More security and "peace of mind" due to realtime monitoring and escalation services:

- Use cases: alarm system, baby monitoring, animal monitoring, mold
monitoring, vacancy monitoring, property protection
- Open system: support for camera with cloud recording, sensors for motion,
smoke, temperature, moisture, leakage, ice detection
- Value-added-services, e.g. integration of emergency- and escalation-services

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Why we are ecofriendly

Our products are designed to encourage greater energy efficiency by the means of 'internet of things'.

Our very aim is to promote the Energiewende by creating real energy savings and thus ultimately reduction in CO2 emissions from energy use.

Therefore our ROCKETHOME Smart Home Ecosystem provide increased convenience, security and, last but not least, enjoyment through using and exploring their great functionality. By delivering energy management and home automation within an integrated 360° solution, we foster the consumers knowledge and education on energy flows behind their daily routines and habits. A kilowatthour no longer is an abstract unknown, but an enabler of our everyday comfort and live. Our products wins customers by enhanced convenience, safety and contributes ultimately to their environmental awareness.

Energy consumption and production is presented transparently to allow for improved energy efficiency. Our application provides recommendations for lower energy consumption and streamlines interaction of solar energy, heating and electricity flows, which obviously results in real savings for the household. By connecting all energy flows in a household with the automation of appliances people can really optimize their energy consumption for the sake of the environment.

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Yüksel Sirmasac (CEO)
KfW Banking Group (www.kfw.de)
Born2Grow/ Zukunftsfond Heilbronn (www.zf-hn.de)
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M2M Challenge 2014
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Yüksel Sirmasac - CEO & Founder

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Carina Diviccaro - Team Lead Sales


Kartäuserwall 28e
50678 Cologne

+49 221 888 955 0


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