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ROMO Wind is Swiss wind technology and service company founded in 2011 providing independent performance monitoring service & products as well as optimization of wind turbines using the patented iSpin wind measurement technology. The technology was acquired from the Danish National Wind Laboratory, RISØ (now DTU) in 2011.

The company’s goal is to make the iSpin technology a standard wind measurement technology on all wind turbines; onshore & offshore, retrofit and on new turbines. ROMO Wind’s plan is also to use the proprietary data stream from iSpin as a platform for other wind turbine services; as a sales channel for wind turbine optimization technology in general; and possibly also for meteorological and power trading forecasting applications.

The iSpin technology solves a fundamental weakness of all wind turbines, where the wind is currently measured behind the rotor. At this position the wind is heavily influenced by unpredictable factors (e.g. turbulence) making the wind measurement uncertain. Because of this it is currently difficult to accurately monitor the performance of wind turbines including monitoring whether the turbine points correctly into the wind or if it is hit by turbulence or other damaging wind conditions.

In contrast, the iSpin technology measures the wind directly hitting the wind turbine spinner, where the flow distortion is predictable and therefore provides fundamentally better as well as new wind measurement opportunities. The iSpin can therefore accurately determine the wind conditions hitting the wind turbine. This for the first time enables the wind turbine owner to correct the wind turbine if it is not pointing correctly into the wind or if it is not performing according to specification. It also enables the owner to implement technology improving wind turbine performance.

ROMO has developed and currently sells two different products: iSpin Monitor and iSpin Lite. iSpin Monitor is an advanced monitoring product for permanent installation on the wind turbine. The product comes with a monitoring and reporting service by ROMO. iSpin Lite is service technician tool exclusively used for correcting problems with wind turbines not pointing correctly into the wind.

ROMO has so fare examined more than one hundred wind turbines in Europe of different brands, types, age and size. More than half of them did not point correctly into the wind. By correcting these problems ROMO can provide around 2% more production from a wind farm. This alone pays all costs related to ROMO’s products and services within less than three years. When extrapolating to the global wind power market the 2% additional production revenues corresponds to almost one billion Euro. But perhaps more importantly by correcting these errors on wind turbines, which are causing significantly extra loads, the maintenance costs are also significantly reduced. Furthermore, with iSpin Monitor the wind turbine owner for the first time gets an independent opportunity to generally monitor, improve and document the wind turbine performance.

ROMO has so far offices in Switzerland, Spain and Germany and our technical center in Denmark. We plan to expand to other countries during 2014.


iSpin Monitor
An advanced wind turbine performance monitoring product and associated monitoring and analysis service enabling the wind turbine owner to significantly improve and document the performance of his wind turbine.

iSpin Lite
A handy, mobile, cost effective, service technician tool, enabling rapid, on-site, correction of wind turbines not pointing correctly into the wind. The product requires no central data collection and analysis. Data analysis is performed automatically by iSpin Lite and the service technician automatically receives a mobile phone text message from the device with the measurement result.

Why we are ecofriendly

Until 2008 buyers were put on a waiting list by turbine manufacturers if they wanted the buy a wind turbine. After the financial crisis this picture has changed substantially as the government subsidies are expected to cease.

Now wind farm owners therefore want to get the most out of their wind turbine investments and they can now demand optimal wind turbine performance.

There is an increasing focus on performance improvement of wind turbines in the market, but this obviously requires an ability to accurately document the improvements. Currently this is not possible on wind turbines because their present wind measurements are inaccurate.

ROMO Wind's products uniquely and in general provides a technical solution to better utilize and optimize the investments in wind power.

Latest News

- DNV officially endorsed the iSpin technology

- ABB, Vattenfall and b-to-v ventures invested €4.8 million in ROMO Wind in April 2013

- The iSpin technology was in 2013 - as the only new wind measurement technology on the market - included in the IEC standard for performance measurements on wind turbines.

- Vattenfall and EDPR in late 2013 independently and officially declared successful completion of one year testing of the iSpin technology. Significant extra production was gained from a Vattenfall wind farm and both Vattenfall and EDPR declared that iSpin technology will be very important for wind turbine performance improvement.

- ROMO Wind with great success launched iSpin Monitor and iSpin Lite at the EWEA conference in Barcelona in March 2014. Until then ROMO had only provided iSpin measurements as a temporary service. The iSpin Monitor is now available for sale and permanent installation and iSpin Lite is available for renting to service companies.

- 14 May 2014 ROMO signed a significant sales contract with Vattenfall to deliver iSpin Monitor for all of the wind turbines in a Vattenfall wind farm in northern Denmark.


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23 FTE's


Founders (Søren Mouritsen & Jan Nikolaisen)
Yellow & Blue (Vattenfall)
b-to-v ventures
Swiss family office
Christian Reitberger (private person)


Several other large utilities and independent power producers


European Venture Summit Award for
cleantech 2012

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Soren Mouritsen - CEO (unconfirmed)

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Søren Mouritsen, CEO


Baarerstrasse 80
6300 Zug


wind power optimization
wind turbine performance monitoring
wind measurements
yaw misalignments
relative power curve monitoring
iSpin Monitor
iSpin Lite