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Recycl3R delivers recycling information through an online platform and future app, incentivizes recycling through several award systems and provides manufacturers with valuable consumer information regarding their consumption.


Recycl3R works as a hub of recycling information that collects data from different sources, such as manufacturers, City Councils, waste managers, Open Datasets, charities and end-users. Recycl3R employs the information provided by those sources, which use different languages, technologies, waste categories and names for their collection systems, and “translates” it into a common “language” that can be used amongst all EU countries.

Why we are ecofriendly

We offer information to users to improve the current recycling system, reduce the amount of waste produced and improve the recycling stats through a smart tags system and consumer rewards.

Latest News

Currently developing a pilot with Unilever and applying for the SME funding of the EU


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Capital Raised


Grants Raised

298K € (TagItSmart Horizon 2020 project)


Behind recycl3R there is the work, dedication and effort of a team of professionals who deploy and maintain technology solutions that help obtaining valuable information while promoting recycling and protecting the environment.
Iván González (CEO)
Thomas Sjödin (Developer)
Sergio Puyol (Environmental director)
Raúl Castillo (GIS & mapping)
Joana Valls (Environmental specialist)
Jaime Payeras (Marketing (advisor))
Carmen Gallego (Communication (advisor))
Abraham Calero (Waste management (advisor))


we are looking for investors and we are looking for at least 350K € that covers the salaries of a staff of 6 full-time members and the ordinary expenses of the company.
There is a common saying in Mallorca where I come from, that says “the more sugar you put, the sweeter it is”. So we are open to options is some investor is interested in our company.


Manufacturers/producers: recycl3R provides information on how to recycle different products, rewards recycling and obtains valuable information from their customers
City councils/Waste collection companies: recycl3R helps to easily manage all types of recycling systems and makes waste management smarter

Enviromental Impact

Waste management improvement, reduce waste, GHG indirect emissions reduction, reduce smells from bins not picked up at the right times

Economic Impact

Provide companies with consumers behaviour information, reduce landfill usage, provide incentives (savings) to recycle

Social Impact

Improve IoT information, hub with easy and accesible information for consumers, link between consumers and brands, technological development through tagging system


1st Milestone: Horizon 2020 project. We participate in the IoT project “TagItSmart”, the first smart tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects. The project received 7 M€ in funding from the European Union (Horizon 2020 Initiative) and includes, among others, Unilever, Fujitsu, Siemens, Evrythng, VTT, Thinfilm, Upcode and PICOM as partners.

2nd Milestone: Startup4cities 2015 finalists. We presented the start-up at the Smart City Expo World Congress as one of the 12 selected startups of the contest Startup4cities 2015. This is an initiative promoted by the Spanish Network of Smart Cities and the Foundation for the Development of Information Technology in Business and Society.

3rd Milestone: Increased hub of information. More than 150 public and private entities are supporting dondelotiro.com (our Spanish B2C) by publishing their data in our platform. This is the result of a 2 years pilot in the Balearic Islands and 2 years implementation nationally in Spain.

Request for Mentors


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Joana Valls Sanz - Environmental Specialist (unconfirmed)

Ivan Gonzalez - CEO

Contact Person

Joana Valls jvalls@recycl3r.org
Ivan Gonzalez info@recycl3r.org


Street C. Sant Joaquim, 9 bajos
City Palma de Mallorca
Postal Code 07003


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