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We were born with a commitment to revolutionize the solar industry.


Elevator Pitch

It is easy to understand that the future needs a technology that generate energy from renewable sources, as the Sun, and that can be applied in small spaces and in contact with the users. SUNEW have noticed that over 10 years ago and set efforts to produce a technology that has a potential low cost, uses organic, abundant and non-toxic materials and has a low energy demand in manufacturing: the Organic Photovoltaics. Furthermore, OPV also meets the expectation of the future cities, as it can be applied in vertical areas, light covers, urban furniture and in remote areas. In other worlds, the future requires OPV everywhere, generating low cost renewable energy, reducing CO2 emission and contributing to the reduction of energy consumption.


The Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) are the third generation of photovoltaics, capable of converting sunlight into electricity. The OPV is disruptive for its features and create a new paradigm for the solar industry, as it is extremely thin (less than 1mm thin solar film), light (only 400 g/m²), flexible (exhibiting minimum radius of 10 cm), translucent (until almost 50% transparency) and highly customizable in colors, design and shapes. As it absorbers 95% of UV and 50% of infrared rays, the technology also provide thermal comfort and is a great option for green buildings. These features allow OPV application on different kinds of structures, yet unmet by traditional technologies, like BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics), urban furniture, light covers, gadgets and mobility.

Why we are ecofriendly

OPV is the greener photovoltaic option, because its printing roll-to-roll production process uses organic, abundant and non-toxic materials and has the lowest energy use in manufacturing, resulting in an energy payback of only 3 months (against 2 years for the traditional silicon panels). The film is also easy recyclable at the end of its life.

Latest News

Brazilian company promises to revolutionize urban spaces: sunew.com.br/en/news/21-inn...

Solar energy comes down from the roof and occupies space in a bus stop: sunew.com.br/en/news/21-inn...

São Paulo will have the largest facade generating solar energy with Photovoltaics from Brazil: sunew.com.br/en/news/20-act...

Check our website for more: sunew.com.br/en/news


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SUNEW is ECO17 Award Nominee.







BNDES, Fir Capital, CSEM Brasil, TRADENER and CMU.


One of the three finalists on the Start Up Energy Transition Award (2017)

CEO of SUNEW was elected as one of the 100 Most Influential in the the Energy sector (2016)

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November 2015



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+55 31 3326 1600


José Cândido da Silveira Av., 2000
Belo Horizonte - MG | Brazil


#EnergyEverywhere #Innovation