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Methanol fuel cell for silent and cost-effective energy conversion.

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Siqens develops Ecoport 1.1, a new methanol fuel cell system. It is the first methanol-operated fuel cell which due to cost-effectiveness and efficiency has a clear market potential for volume production.
Ecoport 1.1 is based on the proprietary new fuel cell type - High-Temperature Methanol-Fuel Cell (HT-MFC). The main technological advantage: The system uses waste heat for reformation of methanol leading to an excellent degree of efficiency. As the system is running at mild conditions, we could use low cost components. In addition, the platinum load used for the catalytic process is lower than in comparative systems. Therefore, we could significantly lower construction costs. Maintenance-free operation, low costs of methanol and high efficiency reduces operation costs. The significantly reduced TCO makes the HT-MFC technology a serious competitor of the classic combustion engine by means of economic feasibility.
A further benefit of the HT-MFC is the usability of thermal energy which pushes the efficiency to over 80%. In mobile applications the HT-MFC can be ideally used as heating plant for winter suitability of electric vehicles- a major problem as at -10°C the range of electric cars drops up to 50%. In stationary application like off-grid power supply and backup systems the maintenance-free operation is an important benefit. A second advantage which is inherent to the HT-MFC is the usability of undiluted standard methanol. Competitors either needs highly purified or pre-diluted methanol both of which increases costs for fuel production, transport and logistics.
After a second price at the f-cell Award 2012, we closed a financing round with the finish investor VNT Management in 2013. Lately we started a demonstrator with 1.1 kW power output, showing excellent degree of efficiency, low volume and weight.
We are planning to finalize prototype development of our 1.1 kW System Ecoport 1.1 this year starting with field studies in second quarter of 2015. Additional developmental partnerships are welcome. At the 7th conference ECOSUMMIT Berlin 2014 we offer our technological platform to construct systems for the needs of new markets.


Ecoport 1.1 is a new generation of energy converters producing 1.1 electrical and up to 1.5 kW thermal power output. It is designed for mobile applications in leisure market like campers or sailing boats. Using Ecoport 1.1 the customer benefits from comfort and security in his leisure vehicle. Comfort, as it is the first leisure fuel cell system which could drive an air conditioning and produces heat in the kilowatt range. Security, as at any time critical on-board safety and telecommunication technology is in an operating state.

Why we are ecofriendly

Our HT-MFC technology is ecofriendly for several reasons. First of all the energy conversion from methanol is highly efficient with an electrical degree of up to 40%. Secondly, the systems will use biomethanol from different sources. Last but not least the energy conversion by fuel cells is based on an electrochemical mechanism. This means no production of polluting gases and no disturbing noise. As our system has the potential to replace diesel generator and aggregates form many markets there is a potential to significantly participate in the energy transition (Energiewende).

Latest News

After proof of concept in 2012 we closed a series A financing round with VNT Management and ERP-Startfond in mid of 2013. After significantly increasing our engineering team the first technological milestone is reached end of 2013 by establishing a 1.1 kW HT-MFC laboratory system which is the progenitor of the Ecoport 1.1 system prototype which will be ready for operation in late 2014.


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VNT Managment


Third place Munich Businessplan Award
Second place f-cell Award

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Sep 2012


Volker Harbusch, CTO
Matthias Wössner, Head System Development
Felix Hennersperger, Head Stack Development
Heinrich Müller, Head Electronic Engineering

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Dr. Lars Behrend
T.:0049 151 240 210 48


Landsberger Straße 328
80687 München