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Smart and social driving

Elevator Pitch

SnappCar is a peer-to-peer car sharing community where you can rent out your own car to others. We make sure this happens in a convenient, fully reliable and fun way. Amongst other things we arrange an all risk insurance, ID checks, a review system, parking and speeding ticket handling and 24/7 road assistence.


Car sharing between friends, family and neighbors. SnappCar facilitates by offering an easy-to-use, reliable and fun market place. In principle deals are made between members, however just in case problems arise we offer all the service needed to address them.

Why we are ecofriendly

For every car being shared 10 cars disappear off the road (based on University of California research). This way new car production decreases, people's mindsets towards buying new goods changes and eventually traffic jams decrease. The most important effect is the decrease in new car production as about two-thirds of the lifetime carbon dioxide emissions of a car are emitted during the production process. So by sharing cars through a community like SnappCar carbon dioxide emissions decrease significantly. Both the trend of collaborative consumption and the mindset of the new generation will further accelerate this effect.

Latest News

SnappCar launched SnappCar Business earlier this year to have an environmental impact at large corporates as well. Next to this we are currently expanding into Europe, starting with Germany. We have chosen Germany as one-fifth of all cars in Europe are here, hence our environmental impact will be biggest.


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12 people, incl. the founders


Investor Athlon Car Lease


- McKinsey New Venture Award 2011
- Most Social Durable Company 2012
- Accenture Innovation Award 2012

Country of Origin



October 3rd 2011





Pascal Ontijd - Co-founder

Contact Person

Pascal Ontijd (Pascal@SnappCar.nl)


Utrecht, the Netherlands


Car sharing, Collaborative Consumption, Peer-to-peer, Peer-to-peer car sharing, Sharing Economy