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Enables & empowers BoP communities worldwide.

Elevator Pitch

SOLARKIOSK is the path to market in the world´s last economic frontier: the Base of the Pyramid (BoP).

SOLARKIOSK has successfully tackled the “last-mile distribution challenge” by filling the gap between suppliers to end-customers in BoP markets with solar powered business hub, the E-HUBB.

Worldwide, more than 1.5 billion people live in BoP communities without electricity access. Each BoP household spends approx. 120 USD monthly on unclean energy solutions which are expensive, hazardous and unhealthy. The annual worldwide market for off-the-electricity grid (“off-grid”) energy solutions is estimated at 30 billion USD.

SOLARKIOSK addresses the needs of these BoP communities by intertwining a state of the art, award winning technology and design with an inclusive micro-franchise business model that provides clean energy and connectivity as well as economic growth on community level.

SOLARKIOSK designs, manufactures, implements and operates an energy autonomous business hub („E-HUBB“), through which solar electricity services like mobile phone and battery charging, cooling, TV, internet, along with solar and other sustainable products are made available.

With its modular structure, each E-HUBB can be expended to power further businesses, telecom towers, health stations, schools, community centers and eventually a mini-grid.

SOLARKIOSK has since 2012 deployed several E-HUBBS in Sub-Saharan Africa, all of which run profitable. In 2015, SOLARKIOSK will ramp up to 200 E-HUBBS and projects in 10 countries. Starting 2016, SOLARKIOSK will scale up to thousands of E-HUBBS and break even.

Some of the world´s largest corporations as well as GOs and NGOs have recognized the unique position of SOLARKIOSK which establishes a steady presence in fast growing markets and therefore partnered with SOLARKIOSK for various projects.


Designed by GRAFT Architects (www.graftlab.com/) the E-HUBB is an award winning BoP solar technology solution, ranging from 1 to 4kw/p, embedded in a modular, kit of parts, light weight, sturdy, safe and expandable building structure, particularly designed for BoP communities. SOLARKIOSK has designed an adaptive, inclusive business model to operate the E-HUBB, which enables and empowers social and economic development by fostering local entrepreneurship, providing jobs, access to clean energy, consumer essentials and communication services.

Each E-HUBB integrates a smart metering system, remote control and a custom made Point-of-sale system. The E-HUBB serves as a complete energy and business outlet for solar products, fast moving consumer goods, energy services and solutions. Each E-HUBB comes with all necessary appliances for multiple mobile phone charging, refrigeration, connectivity, lighting, television, printing/copying/scanning of documents, passport photos.

E-HUBBS are designed both for serial as well as local manufacturing and are currently being built in Europe and Africa.

The E-HUBB can be easily assembled and disassembled as well as amended and expanded, allowing for flexible solutions in fast growing and rapidly changing markets. Based on the specific needs of the respective communities it can power telecom towers, health centers, schools, and eventually provide mini-grid solutions.

SOLARKIOSK runs the E-HUBB together with a local entrepreneur as a micro-franchise model. The E-HUBB creates further jobs and businesses on community level, therefore establishing a sustainable social and economic impact.

SOLARKIOSK was incorporated in 2011 by private impact investors who wanted to make a change. CEO and co-founder Andreas Spieß has a legal background and successfully established various companies in Africa. CTO and co-founder Lars Krückeberg is founding member of GRAFT architects who provide global expertise in green architecture and have designed the E-HUBB.

SOLARKKIOSK has been partnering with The Coca Cola Company since 2014 within the “EKOCENTER powered by SOLARKIOSK” project, deploying and operating several E-HUBBS branded as Ekocenters in in five Sub-Saharan African countries as well as a pilot in Asia. SOLARKIOSK is currently partnering with Ericsson and The Coca Cola Company to provide electricity to off-grid telecom towers. SOLARKIOSK has been funded by the European Union and DEG to deploy E-HUBBS in Ethiopia, Kenya and Madagascar as well as establishing local manufacturing in Ghana.

SOLARKIOSK has been awarded both for its state of the art design/technology as well as business model. Latest recognitions have been the silver prize of the German Design Award (2014), the Connectivity Award (2015), Zeit-Wissen Award for sustainable business (2015) and the Erasmus Energy Business Award (2015).

Why we are ecofriendly

Each E-HUBB saves approx 6,000t of CO2 during its commercial life cycle. All current E-HUBBS produce approx. 540,000 kw/h per year. But these are just numbers, the reality shows a lot more:

Many BoP communities are located in regions that receive abundant sunshine. In spite of that, most households depend on dirty and unsustainable biofuels such as firewood, charcoal, kerosene, and diesel to meet their energy needs.

SOLARKIOSK provides affordable, sustainable, and certified solar energy products, which will significantly redefine the energy market in remote regions. Each SOLARKIOSK operator is a local ambassador for sustainable change. Through awareness-raising, marketing campaigns, and the involvement of the local community, solar technology replaces unsustainable energy sources.

SOLARKIOSK enables access to new business opportunities with solar energy, transforming BoP communities into models for self-sustainable and thriving clean energy centers. Each E-HUBB provides multiple employment opportunities and ensures purchasing and consumer spending remains local. The potential for entrepreneurial creativity together with the E-HUBB is limitless. A BoP community can be illuminated with a solar-powered general store, restaurant, repair shop, salon/barber shop, bank, Internet service provider, telecom tower station, mail order station, and so much more…it is happening now!

Latest News

- In September 2015, SOLARKIOSK Ghana helped organize two very successful community impact events in the EKOCENTER locations of Berekuso and Kokrobite. The events focused on several crucial impact issues: health, solar energy, and energy-efficient cook stoves. The SOLARKIOSK Ghana team partnered with local doctors and the EKOCENTERS were used as a platform to provide free malaria examinations and eye examinations within the community. Educational materials on personal health, fertility and STDs were presented and shared with the event visitors.

- In August 2015, SOLARKIOSK Ethiopia hosting its largest training session in Addis Abeba. The training session is being attended by 16 Solarkiosk operators (15 of whom are female) from remote communities of various regions in Ethiopia. SOLARKIOSK partnered with the GIZ team is helping to provide extensive hands-on training with Energy Efficient Cook Stoves. While Solar23 assisted with the training on various solar products.

- In March 2015, SOLARKIOSK partnered with The Coca Cola Company, Ericsson and Tigo to pilot a rural off-grid telecom tower electrification project in Rwanda.

- In March 2015 the first E-HUBB was inaugurated in Abuja, Nigeria, an event that attracted two ministers and several members of the parliament and made it to the headlines of one of the biggest Nigerian daily newspapers.

- In February 2015, the first E-HUBB, branded as EKOCENTER, was inaugurated through our partners of The Coca Cola Company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

- In December 2014, SOLARKIOSK AG was selected as one of the recipients of the ACP-EU Energy Facility grant to implement – together with its partners - another 160 kiosks in Ethiopia, Kenya and Madagascar.


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Currently, fundraising

Capital Raised

Above 10 Million EUR

Grants Raised

Approx. 3 Million EUR


~100 Employees




Approx 1.5 billion individuals living without access to electricity in base-of-the-pyramid communities.


- 2015 Erasmus Energy Business Award
- 2015 ZEIT-Wissen 'Encouraging Sustainability Award in the category 'Action'
- 2015 Connected Word Award
- Silver prize 2014 German Federal Design Awards in the category of Product Design
- 2013 Ecodesign Award by the German Federal Environmental Ministry
- Siemens Stiftung Empowering People Award 2013
- Carl-Duisberg-Gesellschaft (CDG) award in the 'Innovation for Development' Finalist
- 2013 International Architecture Award by the Chicago Athenaeum

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Country of Origin

Berlin, Germany


November, 2011




Andreas Spiess - CEO

Contact Person

Andreas Spiess


Berlin, Germany


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