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Solarus Sunpower

Early Stage Startup


Solarus gets 4 times as much yield out of the sun as any other PVpanel


Elevator Pitch

Solarus, a technology spin off of the Swedish Vattenfall, has the best hybrid, next generation solar panel, in the world. After 8 million investments now going for the next round of 4 million.

Why we are ecofriendly

Solarus is a B Corp and a Blue Economy Company. Read our Impact Report on our website www.solarus.com

Latest News

Just closed a 1 million euro Family&Friends round and started to raise a first Round A of financing.


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Raised 8 million to date and just started a new round fo 4.5 million euro

Capital Raised

Raised an amount of 8 million euro over the past 6 years

Grants Raised

Raised an amount of around 1 million in grants


Currently 25 employees in Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa and India


The Dutch Holding has 3 investors among which Rabobank


Customers are mainly large industrial partners

Enviromental Impact

Company has a huge environmental impact, with its technology creating 4 times as much energy as current PV panels. The environmental impact is measured by the UK based Trucost Consulting.

Economic Impact

Company has as its goal to set up local assembly plants and therefor has a large economical impact on the regions it is working in.

Social Impact

The technology of Solarus, creating both heat as well as electricity, has a large social impact, training of new employees, creating local jobs, stimulating people to develop themselves.


Received several awards, among which the most prestigious award at the Tsjinghua University in Beijing. This award was given to the best new solar technology by Tsjinghua, Oxford and Harvard Universities. Solarus received first place gold.

Country of Origin

Company originates in Sweden and Netherlands


Company was founded in Sweden in 2006. The first 8 years of its existence the company was pure R&D.


leen Zevenbergen - CEO (unconfirmed)

Jacko D'Agnolo, COO

Contact Person

Leen Zevenbergen, CEO, +31653764613


HQ of Solarus Sunpower is in Venlo, Netherlands