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Accelerate a global Rooftop Revolution

Elevator Pitch

Sungevity was invented to leverage technology in order to create a delightful solar customer experience and introduce new efficiencies that would make solar energy affordable for more people. We are on a mission to spread solar globally by putting customer happiness ahead of everything else. Going solar is often an emotional experience. Sungevity taps into these emotions by encouraging customers to share their experiences, accelerating the Rooftop Revolution. Going solar also raises people's awareness on their energy consumption, where Sungevity throughout a 20 year customer relationship hands its customers tools to reduce consumption and smartly manage their energy household.


Sungevity pioneered Remote Solar Design, and via our unique iQuote, Sungevity can design and sell solar without the need for a home visit, making the process faster, easier and more enjoyable for our customers. Sungevity makes switching to solar panels easy and fun.

With our “Remote Solar Design” tool we can optimally design a solar system for our customers and calculate to the kWh precise the power generation for a time span of 20 years.

Via one easy login, a Sungevity customer sees an elegant online experience from the point that they request an iQuote, all the way through their selection of the right system for them, their installation, and their live monitoring solution on their smartphone that they proudly show their friends and family. This app is also where customers will be able to see the origin of their energy consumption, and in the near future, from where they be able to reduce their power use or match it with their self-generated clean solar power.

Why we are ecofriendly

We empower consumers to produce their own electricity and become independent from traditional energy suppliers. In the Netherlands, we already helped thousands of consumers to become independent, which has generated a total of 4,3 MWh clean solar power.
Moreover, we are a socially driven organisation. We employ hearing impaired people to remotely design solar systems and we have a non profit crowdfunding platform for (non-profit) foundations.


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Capital Raised

245.5 million


Approximately 50 employees


Several VC firms, among which GE.


We have supported over 20,000 customers to produce their own electricity.

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Sungevity Europe: Amsterdam