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Lighting produces CO2 emissions and uses energy. Have you ever wondered why so many streetlights are fully lit in areas where this is not necessary?
The next time you are sitting on an airplane at night, take a look outside, and watch the thousands of lamps that illuminate the streets, even when there is nobody around.
Excessive and unnecessary lighting is an immense waste of money and energy. Additionally, it causes CO2 emissions and light pollution, which have been found to have a detrimental impact on human health and disrupt ecosystems and wildlife.

Powering the 91 million streetlights in Europe alone costs 10 billion Euros annually. These CO2 emissions amount to 40 million tons, which is equivalent to 20 million cars annually. Our intelligent lighting solutions cut energy costs by up to 80%, lower maintenance costs by up to 50 % and reduce light pollution and CO2 emissions

Today, 80% of Europeans live in cities. Despite the fact that the cities only occupy about 2% of land area, they consume 75% of resources and responsible for 80% of all CO2 emissions. In cities worldwide, an extensive lighting network is already in place. This existing infrastructure can easily be transformed into a wireless backbone for smart city applications, due to the easy plug & play solution that Tvilight solutions guarantee. This minimizes installation costs and maximizes utility for cities and citizens.


Tvilight B.V. is the market leader in the field of intelligent lighting controls. We specialize in wireless controls, outdoor sensors and asset management software for outdoor lighting infrastructures.
We are a Dutch high-tech company, with headquarters based in Groningen and two additional offices in Amsterdam and Delft. Our many successful projects all over the globe have demonstrated the vast applicability and immense added value that our solutions offer.

The Tvilight team combines innovating visionaries with knowledgeable and experienced engineers in their field, guaranteeing top quality. We are active across the globe, from South Korea to Denmark, from the Netherlands to Canada.
Our first-class manufacturing facility partners based in the Netherlands, guarantee the highest quality standards and reliability. All our products are thoroughly tested at our production facilities, with the utmost diligence to deliver quality that our customers can rely on.

Based on our patented presence detection technology, we enable on-demand lighting for an extensive variety of applications, such as residential areas, industrial zones, roadways and outdoor parking. Our solutions are suitable for both conventional (PLL, SON, HID) as well as new LED lamps, enabling you to upgrade your existing lighting infrastructure without major investments.

Watch this video to see how it works: vimeo.com/74409965

Our patented sensor technology has received several international patents.
Additionally, our solutions have proven their immense business potential due to the increased interest and many successfully completed projects worldwide. The increased demand in 2014 and 2015 shows that our intelligent lighting solutions are applicable across the globe, providing value to different municipalities and their citizens.

We integrate hardware and software to create a city-wide intelligent wireless platform for smart city applications. Our intelligent lighting solutions enable lighting on demand, based on state-of-the-art presence detection sensors. Our product portfolio consists of:

1. CitySense is a revolutionary sensor-based wireless outdoor lighting control device which enables adaptive lighting. It is compatible with both conventional and new lighting infrastructures such as LED. It is a plug and play product, ensuring a quick installation with a minimum investment. CitySense units can communicate wirelessly with one another as well as other Tvilight lighting control devices such as Skylite.

2. SkyLite is a plug and play wireless lighting controller, which allows remote monitoring, management and control of outdoor luminaires. A range of SkyLite models can be installed internally or externally to lamps based on the project needs and on the available infrastructure. Combining SkyLite with CitySense, offers a more adaptive solution and high scalability.

3. NightSky is a stand-alone lighting control device featuring a revolutionary inbuilt astronomical clock. This real-time clock helps NightSky to adapt to the local sunset/sunrise times, winter/summer seasons and weekday/weekend profiles based on the geographical location

4. CityManager, is a web-based lighting management software that allows remote monitoring, management and control of entire lighting infrastructures, providing an in-depth overview of the lighting systems. The software is compatible with Tvilight lighting controls and several other open-protocol hardware and software solutions that are available on the market.

1. Started in early 2012 as one-man company with a dream, we are now a strong team of 30+ full-time employees.
2. We have created a highly motivated team of innovating visionaries and dedicated engineers that drive our growth, enabling us to deliver the high quality and innovation that we are known for.
3. We have attracted support from Ponooc Investments B.V., a subsidiary of Pon Holdings. Pon Holdings is a multinational company with over 13.000 employees spread across the global. It represents industry leaders such as Volkswagen and Caterpillar. We are proud to be part of the Pon family, and this motivates us to not only reach our goals, but to exceed them, creating excellence.
4. We have successfully completed major projects with over 30 cities across the globe using Tvilight solution. Furthermore, we have happy customer-base including Dutch railways and the Amsterdam Schiphol airport.
5. Lastly, a very important milestone for us is that our customers are able to significantly lower their energy and maintenance costs, lessen CO2 emissions and actively reduce light pollution.

Why we are ecofriendly

Our intelligent lighting solutions generate significant energy cost savings and therefore lower CO2 emissions and light pollution, which are byproducts of lighting.
Throughout our many successful projects across the globe we significantly reduced energy costs, CO2 emissions and light pollution.
Light pollution and CO2 emissions have a detrimental, harmful impact on our planet, ecosystems and human health.
By relying on intelligent lighting controls made by Tvilight, an active contribution towards sustainability can be made, for a planet that future generations can enjoy.

Our intelligent lighting solutions:
- Cuts the energy costs by up to 80%
- Lowers the maintenance costs by up to 50%,
- And significantly reduces the light pollution and CO2 emissions.

We pave the way for a more energy efficient planet, actively creating a more sustainable planet for future generations to enjoy.

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Ponooc Investments, a part of Pon Holdings


Municipalities, Industries, LED Manufacturers, System Integrator.

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The Netherlands


In 2011 by Ir. Chintan Shah.




Ir. Chintan Shah - CEO
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Chintan Shah- c.shah@tvilight.com
Filiz Zorluer - filiz@tvilight.com


Westerhaven 13-7, Groningen, the Netherlands


Intelligent lighting controller, adaptive lighting controls, dynamic lighting, LED, outdoor light controller, Smart City, IoT, Internet of Things, sensors