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We bring wind energy to places where wind turbines cannot go


Elevator Pitch

We bring wind energy to places, where wind turbines cannot go.
Where is this:
Places with poor access: Transport and installation of wind turbines needs big trucks and cranes. These costs can easily explode in remote areas with poor access.
Places with short planning horizons: A wind turbine should operate on a given site for at least 20 years in order to make the investment worthwhile. Would you install a turbine if you can barely plan for the next five years?
Places with not enough wind: On many sites, wind conditions for a turbine are critical as they operate at about 100 m height in the earth boundary layer. Two hundred meters higher up wind would be perfect but building such high towers is not economical.
So how can we get around this? Our system is a box with a generator, a tether and a special kite which harnesses the energy of the wind. With this set up we can save 95% of the material of a wind turbine. We don’t need a tower and a foundation. It fits in a standard container, does not need a crane for in-stallation and can easily fly 300 m above ground.
Small to medium sized systems are perfect for off-grid applications such as camps, remote communi-ties and mines, where electric power is today produced with diesel generators at high costs. Large systems in the MW range are perfect for the utility scale where wind has a market size of 100 Billion USD today.


TwingTec will enter the off-grid market with the TT100, a 100 kW mobile wind energy system based on proprietary technology developed over the last five years. The TT100 is fully integrated into a 20 foot shipping container which can be transported and delivered using existing logistical infrastructure. Building on proven drive train and energy storage technology from the electric vehicle industry, control and sensor technology from drones and high strength materials from sailing, significant economies of scale in manufacturing are possible. TwingTec will outsource production of the hardware and will focus on business and technology development, in particular on the control and automation software, which is the core of the technology. System will be sold to customers together with a long term O&M contract.

Why we are ecofriendly

Power consumers in remote areas such as mines rely on diesel generators. The fuel needs to be trans-ported to the site which can lead to very high costs of electricity. Local wind resources are not exploited due to the very high transport and installation costs of wind turbines in places with restricted access. With TwingTec’s mobile wind system diesel can be saved. One TT100 can save 100’000 liters of diesel per year leading to a payback of about 3 years of the system.

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Looking for 2 mio Euros to set up pilot project

Capital Raised

> 1 mio Euro

Grants Raised

1 mio Euro




Business Angles, Bank


Remote communities, exploration camps, mines

Enviromental Impact

One TT100 can save up to 100'000 liters of diesel per year corresponding to 240 tons of CO2.


- Winner of Venture Kick
- Finalist of Swiss Technology Award

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Rolf Luchsinger - Corey Houle - CTO (unconfirmed)

Flavio Gohl - Chief Engineer
Dino Costa - Chief Operations
Cédric Galliot - Chief Marketing, Sales & Production

Contact Person

Rolf Luchsinger


Dübendorf, Switzerland