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We pay people to NOT use energy

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Upside pays people to not use energy. We enable households and small business sites to participate in schemes for demand response, where grid operators and energy suppliers pay people to shift their electricity usage from peak to off-peak times. We do that by coordinating the energy stored in systems they already own -- uninterruptible power supplies, solar PV systems, electric vehicles, domestic heating systems, etc. This creates a large "virtual energy store" that we can use to balance supply and demand on the grid, thus making it easier to integrate renewable generation.



Why we are ecofriendly

At peak times, the grid runs dirty (and expensive) peaking generation. By shifting demand to off-peak times, we make greater use of cleaner generation. Based on data provided to us by the UK's National Physical Laboratory Centre for Carbon Measurement during the Nesta Dynamic Demand Challenge in 2014, we estimate that we eliminate 31g of CO2 emissions for every KWh of demand shifted. Where we shift demand so that it can be met by local renewable generation (e.g. domestic solar PV arrays) we eliminate 455gCO2/KWh. (These estimates are based on the carbon intensity of the UK's grid.)
Our target is to build a 3GWH virtual energy store globally by 2025. This would enable us to eliminate approximately 60,000 tonnes of CO2 p.a., based on these calculations.

Latest News

Most recently Upside have been featured in The Guardian, Utility Week and on Engerati.com.
Please see utilityweek.co.uk/news/game...
and www.engerati.com/article/ho... for more information.


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Seeking £500k seed investment

Capital Raised

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Grants Raised

£ 575,000




National Grid


Finalist in Nesta Dynamic Demand Challenge, 2014
Finalist in Citymart Londoners Beating the Electricity Challenge, 2014
People's Vote Winner for Clean and Cool Mission, 2015
Runner up in 2014 Tech Trailblazer IT Sustainability awards
Winner, Rushlight Energy Efficiency Award, 2015
Commended, Rushlight Energy Environmental Award, 2015
Finalist, Cleantech Innovate, 2015
Regional Finalist, Shell Springboard, 2015
Shortlisted for UK Energy Innovation Awards, Best Energy Innovation Startup, 2015
Shortlisted for New Energy and Cleantech Awards, Innovator of the Year, 2015
Finalist in the ENGIE Big Pitch UK Competition 2015
Finalist in Climate-KIC Venture Competition 2015
Semi-finalist in the Cisco British Innovation Gateway (BIG) Awards 2015

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Dr Graham Oakes: Founder & CEO
Mike Mathias: Partnership Director
Devrim Celal: CFO
Lesley Allan: Operations Director
Matt Fisher: Co-founder and software engineer
Matt Potts: Co-founder and software engineer
Andy Molineux: Co-founder and software engineer
Neil Hughes: Advisor (former Head of Technology at National Grid)
Plus our development team

Contact Person

Graham Oakes, CEO and Founder
+44 (0)7971 546 288




Energy, electricity, demand response, balancing services, frequency response, flexible, off-peak, renewables, low-carbon, cloud service, network, aggregation, virtual energy storage