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Your Smart Home in a Box

Elevator Pitch

• Energy prices rise
• Cost reduction scenario
• Stand-by
• Environmental awareness
• Smart grids implementation
• Electric car
• DSM strategies
• Customer engagement strategies

Wattio is a company that develops, manufactures and sells a technology platform of innovative Smart Home solutions. Wattio brings a unique solution that integrates multiple businesses: energy saving, comfort, security and care. In other words, Wattio converts a normal house into a Smart Home, in a simple and affordable way.


Wattio propose a mixture of hardware, apps and cloud computing collaborating to make life easier and greener. This works as a flexible platform that is multisectoral and solves various needs in various sectors.

With Wattio users can easily control their home from anywhere with their smartphone and: Save energy, kill standby, compare homes, control thermostat and appliances from phone, set calendars & program events to trigger actions and alerts in Wattio Gadgets, place objectives and track them, receive feedback and inputs to save energy, share with friends,..

The system is installed by the user. No works are required at the house. It is simple to use. And the gadgets have cool and coherent designs.

This way, the Wattio solution accelerates efficiency and innovation in cities, improving the opportunities for beating electricity challenge of their citizens in their households.

Why we are ecofriendly

If every home in Europe had a Wattio system, we would save a total amount of 33,000,000 tons of CO2

The Wattio solution is an "eco-designed” product that saves energy and contributes to a "greener" society. It contributes to mitigate climate change and its effects by reducing pollution with the reduction of energy consumption. Users are encouraged to do so, first, being conscious about their consumption (not only in terms of Kw, but also in terms of money and CO2 emmisions), and second, with messages and saving tips.

Because the greenest energy is the one that is not used

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We are looking for partners

Capital Raised



A young, motivated and highly qualified team working full time




Utilites, telcos and other big home services providers that want to offer a complete and flexible smart home solution to their customers, helping them to save energy and money.


Wattio has been awarded with several prizes:

- Finalist of the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup 2015: www.innovationworldcup.com/...

- Finalist Pioneers Awards 2014

- CODE_n Finalist @ CeBIT 2013: www.code-n.org/fileadmin/us...

- PERSEO Award from IBERDROLA, for the best project in energy efficiency: www.iberdrola.com/webibd/co...

- INNOTECH Award, the entrepreneurship technology based innovative ideas competition (TECNUN University of Navarra, Spain): www.tecnun.es/Innotech/

- Toribio Echevarria Award, the best entrepreneurship idea: www.bicberrilan.com/premios...

- TheTenMillionProject Award, the most innovative social project: www.the10millionproject.com

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laura mendia - account manager

Patxi Echeveste - CEO

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laura - info@wattio.com


Miramon Technology Park
20009 Donostia - San Sebastián


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