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Our software makes sustainability management easy

Elevator Pitch

WeSustain makes it easier to be sustainable.
Did you know that a major part of CSR departments’ time is typically spent just gathering data? Our tools are designed to optimize workflows and save time so that your team can focus on content creation and goal management rather than spending unnecessary time on data collection and examination. WeSustain is your complete provider for effective sustainability management. Our modular and easy-to-use software not only provides support for efficient and reliable sustainability reporting, but also provides solutions for relevant functions beyond reporting to support effective sustainability management.

WeSustain was founded in 2010 by an experienced management team that worked for nearly a decade in the SAP ecosystem. Today, the company is recognized as one of the leading providers of Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM). WeSustain received support for its inception and growth by the European Union and the German state of Lower Saxony.


WeSustain develops software solutions for sustainability management in organizations. Our range of solutions covers all areas for standard and state-of-the-art sustainability management.

Why we are ecofriendly

We are helping our customers to be more sustainable in all areas.

Latest News

Sustainability management from the T-Systems cloud
4. November 2013

Software provider WeSustain is the new Enterprise Marketplace partner.
Software-as-a-Service from the cloud.
Special software manufacturers expand T-Systems’ cloud offering.


The software manufacturer WeSustain and T-Systems are now offering companies a complete solution for sustainability management from the cloud. The software covers all areas of sustainability management and is provided by T-Systems from its own highly secure cloud data centers.

WeSustain is available as Software-as-a-Service in the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary’s Enterprise Marketplace; users do not require any special software as they can access the program via their PC or mobile device. “We both operate the software and provide the connection of the cloud solution to the existing company software such as the ERP system,” says Frank Strecker, who is responsible for cloud-related business at T-Systems. “Using interfaces to relevant databases, WeSustain consolidates information on sustainability management across locations and systems.”


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Daimler, Allianz, B.Braun, BKW, CKW ...

Country of Origin



08 / 2010




Andre Borngraeber - COO

Dr. Manfred Heil - CEO
Dr. Daniel Süpke - CTO
Michael Corty - Chief Architect

Contact Person

Dr. Manfred Heil


WeSustain GmbH
Poststraße 19
21614 Buxtehude

04161 / 99 45 90