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alpha.one - the intelligent and predictive heating control system

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alpha.one is a heating control system which adapts dynamically to the weather, your schedule, and your house or apartment, offering optimal comfort with minimal energy consumption. Using intelligent algorithms it optimizes heating phases to stay in sync with your daily rhythm, ensuring that every room is warm exactly when you want it to be and reducing temperatures to save energy when you’re sleeping or away. alpha.one also actively monitors humidity, letting you know when ventilation is required and helping to protecting your home from potential moisture problems.

alpha.one offers a clever solution for both tenants and owners: the wireless system components can be installed quickly and easily without any renovations or modifications to the building or any need for professional tradespeople. All system components are plug-and-play. No subscription, no monthly fees.

As soon as it’s installed, alpha.one begins to adapt to your building and to your heating needs, maximizing the comfort of your home, minimizing your heating costs, and helping to protect the environment.


The system consists of four components working together in sync:

The central communications and control unit for the house or apartment.

The sensor unit which accurately measures the climatic conditions in each room.

The actuator valve which controls the flow of heat to each radiator.

alpha.one app
The app which lets you control your system from your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad®, whether you’re at home or on the go (coming soon to Android).

alpha.one can be used immediately from home or remotely using your smartphone or tablet. It’s a scalable system that will grow with your requirements – we’ll soon be expanding its capabilities to include intelligent components for lighting, shading, and ventilation control.

Why we are ecofriendly

Private households are responsible for about one third of energy consumption in Germany, and of that energy, 75% is used for home heating. This isn’t surprising, considering that more than 90% of our residential buildings were built before the 1980s, when the problem of building energy consumption was first seriously addressed.

alpha.one matches heating energy consumption precisely to the actual occupant demands, preventing unnecessary use of energy and reducing consumption by up to 40%, before any building renovation measures are undertaken. Installing alpha.one represents a contribution to increased energy efficiency in Germany.

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Whether you’re renting, have your own house or apartment, or are renting out a second apartment, you can now save on heating costs without any renovations or major investments, while simultaneously increasing the comfort of your home. From private customers to property owners and developers, alpha.one offers a scalable solution which is low-impact and highly cost-effective, making it the first choice among retrofit strategies.

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Jonathan Busse - Jonathan Busse - CEO

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Jonathan Busse


Stuttgart, Germany


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